By Sujain Thomas

All the women are well acquainted with the trouble zones of their body. It is always advisable for women to exercise regularly or maintain a routine of going to the gym regularly so that they stay fit and do not invite numerous health problems. This way they need to follow a proper health plan that should be inculcated in their daily routine.

To possess that well-toned body along with abs you need to go to the gym and take up proper exercises such as shoulder press, planks, weights, crunches, etc. This way you will be able to get a midriff and abs. Further, you need to inject various supplements into your diets such as protein powder and pre workout potions. The best pre workouts help us in giving us the added energy to take up the proper exercise routine. In all it kind of boosts our energy so that we can practice exercise to the maximum.

Following are some of the exercises that will be helpful for women to execute:

Side Plank

This exercise helps in shrinking the waistline to achieve that proper toned waist. It focuses on the abdominal muscles and puts immense pressure on it. This way you can flaunt your perfect waist.


This is one of the most followed exercises. The most classic form of exercise routine it helps in toning down the entire body and burns the maximum calories. It is helpful in tightening the bikini area and gives you the added perk.

Second Position Plies

Always admired the tone legs of the ballet dancer. Don’t just admire now follow this exercise and get those perfectly toned legs. It helps in giving a beautiful sculpts to your inner thighs and the side of the butt.

Triceps Extensions

This exercise helps in toning down the shoulders by extending your arms backward carrying minimal weights. Do as many repetitions of the exercise but don’t overdo it. Always use the lightest weights to carry on with this exercise.


The front planks lay focus on your abdominal area and put extreme pressure on it. Here you can modify the plank exercise and strengthen your core muscles.


This one is the most classic exercise and focuses on your chest and abdominal muscles. It proves to be most helpful in building that abs because the whole focus lays on your core strength. This way you can get fast results in no time.


Cardio is one of the most basic and the fastest exercise to lose weight. Improve your pace and stop making an excuse to follow up with the cardio routine. This way you will get the desired results in short span of time.

In a nutshell, it is imperative for women to carry on exercise routines. This way they will be protected from various problems relating to health. Second, take the pre workouts so that you can utilize most of the energy and not get tired in between. This will help you in getting good results and will yield you most of the benefits.

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