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Culture: Things You Need To Carry When Viewing A Solar Eclipse

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By Mandy Bular

A solar eclipse is a phenomenon, which takes place when the moon comes between the sun and the earth, creating a straight line. At the time of the eclipse, it is the moon that passes over the earth’s surface.

This is why, the people on earth are able to see the moon blocking the sun’s rays from reaching the Earth, as it covers the sun completely. This can occur only during a new moon day.

If you wish to watch the eclipse, there are certain things you should carry. In this article, we are going to discuss the occurrence of a solar eclipse

The diameter of the sun is about 400 times larger compared to the diameter of the moon. Along with this, it is also 400 times away from the sun. If you look at the sun through a filter on a full moon night, you will get to see that it appears exactly like the moon.

As the moon passes the sun, its shadow falls on the Earth; and thus, it appears to cover up the sun’s disc. This is known as a solar eclipse.

Now, that you are eager to see a solar eclipse, there are a few things that you need to carry. Of course, you have to carry a camera and eclipse glasses, along with these things mentioned below.

Irrespective of whether you are planning to enjoy the solar eclipse in Iowa with friends or alone or with family, make sure to have these 5 accessories within your reach.

1. Sunscreen: When you talk about solar safety, this is the very first thing that you need to carry. Check the date of the sunscreen bottle you have. In case you find it over 2 years old, get it replaced with a new one. This is because 2 years is the standard shelf-life of beauty products. Apply the sunscreen before you go out to watch the eclipse.

2. Water: During a solar eclipse, you are likely to experience a little more heat and humid weather than usual. Don’t leave your home without enough water bottles. Keep away from dehydration by having water from time-to-time.

3. Approved solar filters: You will be in need of approved solar filters for viewing the partial phases of solar eclipse through any equipment like, telescope or binoculars. Remember, you need approved solar filters and not solar glasses.

4. Camera: You will have the desire to document the event and all other activities happening around. It is advised to remain firm and not photograph the solar eclipse. In case you still want to, make sure to carry a tripod.

5. Binoculars: This is one of the most reliable modes of getting views (close-ups of the corona) of the total phase of the solar eclipse. During the event, you can easily scan the sky to locate Venus away from the sun.

With these accessories, within your reach at the time of the solar eclipse, you can enjoy a safe viewing.

Author Bio: Mandy Bular is a professional blogger. Besides archaeology and architecture, astronomy is one her favourite subject. She suggests her readers to buy merchandise of solar eclipse Iowa by visiting the website.

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