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Lifestyle: The Issues Of Teenage Alcoholism


September 10, 2017

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By Svetlana Zamkovaya

When you are assigned with 10 page papers about alcoholism, the first thing that comes to mind is a vision of an old boozer sitting somewhere on a street and drinking cheap vine straight from the bottle: big red nose, untidy grey hair, hoarse voice ruined because of heavy drinking. It is hard to imagine someone of your age, right?

And still, if you are a student of a high school, pallid statistics says that there are more than 10 million minors who officially have problems with alcohol. Scholars tend to name it teen alcohol abuse, still, under a humble term hide 600,000 underagers who suffer from alcoholic addiction, and other 20% of these 10 million are engaged in binge drinking on a regular basis.

Repercussions of alcoholism may be really serious: health problems, addictive behaviors, problems with aggression and, ad extremum, death. Statistically, every year more than 5,000 teens die because of alcoholism.

Teachers assign such themes for a reason: this topic can serve as a perfect educational experience for students. Such papers explore the reasons of appearance of this addiction and search for the ways of solving this issue – as a result, students by writing these papers protect themselves from this danger or find out how and where to get help. Experts of 10PagePapers service help students to find fresh approaches to the problem and improve their own papers, so students receive a possibility to approach the issue from different points of view and find out their own solutions.

If to take a look at samples, one may find works dedicated to different themes related to the issue. For example, papers that develop a theme of reasons of becoming addicted. No one can say exactly that there is one and only reason why teens start drinking alcohol, as in every particular case there were certain factors that influenced the development of addiction:

· Desire to be accepted

No one can underestimate the role of peers in teens’ life. Many games of teens (especially boys) are based on competition – participants of the game try to win in all challenges and one of the most popular challenges is drinking down. Such games create an impression that alcohol is not harmful and the situations where participants get hammered are funny, not dangerous.

Sometimes there are situations when teens fall for pressure of peers – for example, when a group of teens decide to drink some alcohol beverages before going to the place where alcohol usage is not prohibited. Unfortunately, the only way to avoid this situation is to avoid the company that pressures you to consume alcohol with them.

Family matters

If one of the family members is an alcoholic, that increases teen’s chances to become an addict. If you know that you are under adversity then keep an eye on your habits and drinking, or, refuse from alcohol completely.

Troubles connected to alcohol

Unexpectedly enough, the very society forces people to consume alcohol as people tend to misunderstand people who do not want to drink alcohol drinks. That adds a pressure to a person who is already struggling with a pressure of omitting alcohol.

Teen support

There are many support groups established especially for teens – they help teens to get recovery. There is always a solution to all issues connected to teenage alcoholism – so if you are or your friend suffers from this addiction, do not hesitate to ask for help.

Experts of helpful service are eager to help students to create well-written papers dedicated to search for the ways of struggling with teenage alcoholism. Essays, articles and research papers, written by experts of the service, are well-known for their quality, in-depth content, accuracy of presenting information and conducting research, proper arrangement and structuring, timely delivery and guaranteed quality.

Hardly surprising, students entrust their writing assignments to specialists of this company. In addition, there are plenty of educational materials, sources of relevant information for different resources, sample papers and a blog filled with useful materials that can help fresh writers to create top-notch papers.

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