Everyone takes delight in eating sumptuous and tasty food. Nobody will ever reject a moment of having their favorite great and tasty cuisine. There are several world foods in eateries across the globe. Some countries are known for serving the world with their special food recipes. We have listed the top food countries.

Meals from these countries are not strange to anyone in the food industry. A great and zesty meal is the desire of most people. No one wants to sit to eat a boring meal. As there are numerous world cuisines, it may be overwhelming to choose your favorite.

How do you decide the country with the world foods? Discover that in this article. The countries listed below are top-rated with world foods.


Among the top five countries, Italy is rate first for having the best world foods. Italian cuisine is best enjoyed when tasted. Mere description cannot encompass the goodness of Italian cuisine.

Italian foods are cooked with a delightful blend of colors (yellow, red, and green), taste, and aroma. Most Italian recipes comprise tomato, bread, and olive oil. What makes Italian cuisine stands out is the use of quality products over processed products.

Cheeses, olive oil, coffee- also called espresso, are some Italian foods. Pizza and pasta are native to Italian culinary. The best pasta meal from Italian foods you can try is Spaghetti carbonara.


France is another country that serves innovative and modern world foods. Since history times, French cuisine is highlighted in most culinary schools’ training across the world. French foods and recipes are quite distinct from other countries’ foods.

French fries are the most popular and widely eaten French meal. Almost everyone would have tastes French fries. Other French foods are terrine, bisque, etc. however, cheese is traced to have originated from France because it is a major food people for the French. Most French meals are also accompanied by wine.


Mexican meals combine both European and Spanish cuisine. Mexican cuisines comprise of corn, chili, beans, etc.

Meat is another staple in Mexican cuisine. They are meat gotten from chicken, goat, beef, and pork, and so on. In most Mexican foods, cheese and other dairy products are present. Cheese is incorporated into Mexican dishes from Spanish people. It is also believed that African and Asian cuisines might be reflected in most Mexican meals.


No food enthusiast should be unfamiliar with Spanish foods. From history, Spanish meals are influenced by some of their conquered nations. Roman Empire culture has also influenced most Spanish cuisines. They use recipes like mushrooms and olive oil. About 90% of olive oil used globally is produced and exported from Spain. It means that olive oil is a staple in any Spanish food.


There are different types of meals in Indian cuisine. It is affected by the cultures and tastes of the citizens. Each culture produces its unique delicious meals.

Their food and recipes are also influenced by Europeans and Mughals. Spicy is the way to differentiate Indian meals. Potato is also common in any Indian meal, although it was the Portuguese who introduced the potato to Indian foods.



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