How to deal when your dog broke his paw

A dog’s life is not easy, and your pet is at risk of breaking his paw in various ways, such as in a run over, fall, or even on a walk in the park. When witnessing the accident or suspecting an injury to your dog’s paw, it is essential to take him to the veterinarian as soon as possible. 

Check out some tips that the pet meds online separated for you to know how to act at that moment. 

How to tell if your dog broke his paw 

It is effortless to suspect an injury to your animal’s paws, as it will move slowly and limp, trying to save the paw. Also, a dog with trauma to its paws spends a lot of time lying down and complains every time it uses the injured paw.  

If you know first aid, you can immobilize the broken paw with tissue and prevent the fracture from getting worse. However, if you do not how to control the situation, take the dog to the veterinarian immediately, taking care not to touch the injured area.

How to deal with the dog at home 

Upon returning from the vet, your puppy will need special care. It is essential to give the necessary attention so that your pet does not force the member to recovery. Try to let the animal rest and keep it in a small environment with water and food. Give your puppy a lot of care and attention, and try not to leave him alone for too long.  

With a lot of love and a little patience, he’ll be ready to run through the yard in no time. 

What is the recovery time?  

The improvement of the broken paw varies according to the fracture site. Some bones, like the planes, usually take two to three weeks to recover. However, if the injury occurs in any of the long bones, the rehabilitation time may be much longer.  

The veterinarian will evaluate your puppy’s case and know how to estimate the recovery time, and review the exceptional care you should take when returning home with the animal. 

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