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Dallas Cowboys: Goodbye Tony Romo, welcome to the Dak Prescott era

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The Dallas Cowboys do not have a QB controversy, they have a QB. When Tony Romo went down in the preseason the Cowboys didn’t panic the way we did. They kept quite, didn’t take any offers from Johnny Manziel or Michael Vick,all they did was look at their depth chart and knew they were going to be okay. Even in the hands of a rookie.

But despite everything that Prescott has done, Jerry Jones still stands by his guy:

“Tony’s situation, when he’s back, will be about whether he’s functional,” Jones said. “We’re a better team. We play better.”

I get what Jones is saying but he must let go. Romo is not, nor will he ever be the same QB that has led the Cowboys to countless victories. It’s not as if he’s gotten worse, but at his age, his body is beginning to break down. No one knows if the Cowboys would be undefeated instead of 2-1 but who knows if they would’ve lost each of their games either?

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Prescott thru three games has been nothing short of spectacular. He was finally able to throw his first pro touchdown against the Bears and as gratifying as that was, he only wanted one thing, a victory. The Cowboys have clearly moved on to a younger generation and everyone seems to know that except Jones. HC, Jason Garrett is in a tight situation here, much like Bill Belichick in 2001 when he had to make the switch from Bledsoe to Brady. Brady was an unknown, but Belichick trusted his gut and the results have been legendary.

The unwritten rule in the NFL is that no starter, especially the QB should lose his job due to injury, but the Cowboys sure look like they may be headed towards breaking that rule. To be honest, they have no choice. Garrett should not replace Prescott for favoritism. He must do what’s right for his team and right now that person is Prescott.

Romo can come back 100 percent healthy, but if Prescott continues to play the way that he has, Romo himself should ask to stay on the bench. If wins and losses are about team chemistry then a QB switch in mid-season will kill what the Cowboys have worked so hard for.

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