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The Dallas Stars Captain, Jamie Benn, scored his 700th career point last night. In what started out as a 2-0 lead for the Stars, the game quickly opened up after the opening period.  Jamie Benn was in on the goal that seemed to light a fire under the Dallas Stars. Benn assisted Denis Gurianov with Jamie Oleksiak’s goal to put Dallas up by two at the 4:50 mark in the first period. While his two shots didn’t yield a goal, he did help set up a goal in last night’s huge win.

More than scoring, the Stars Captain brings many other abilities to the table.

Jamie Benin’s Ability To Lead By Example

Jamie Benn can score from almost any position on the ice. Not only that, but he also has the ability to make beautiful plays. The video below shows what can happen when the Stars Captain is on the ice. During the Stanley Cup run last season, he said and did all the right things to help the team to a deep run. However, the Stars had a surge in injuries and lost steam.

With rumors of the top players injuries swirling during the run, it was later revealed that Benn had surgery to repair an injury of his own. However, this was during the delay. The Stars were able to use his abilities, but it Just wasn’t enough. They’d dispatch the Flames, Avalanche of Colorado, and the Golden Knights before losing steam against Tampa Bay.

Refusal To Go Down Without A Fight

Fast forward to this season, and he’s doing much of the same. The Stars are off to yet another slow start. Fans are questioning if this team is the same one that took the ice during that Stanley Cup Finals run.  Hovering right around the .500 mark, the Stars seem to be treading water right now.  The team has been decimated by injuries yet again. Alexander Radulov, Ben Bishop and Tyler Seguin have found themselves on the injured list thus far.  Leave it to the Stars Captain to fight and try to provide the spark this team has been missing.  He already did once in Chicago. Because of this, other players aren’t afraid to step up – like John Klingberg did against Columbus just three days ago.

Calm In The Face Of Adversity

The Stars are near the bottom of the standings statistically. Fans often speculate if it’s because of the long-term injuries on the team, and the Stars Captain continues to remain calm.  Much like during the playoffs last year, Benn is making an impact.  It may not be how fans would imagine, but to Say he is up”useless” is simply false.

There aren’t many goals coming from him, but Benn is seventh in team points.  Through 17 games thus far, Jamie Benn has 12 points to his name – eight of which are goals. But , again, the season is only 17 games old. Scoring goals is important, but maybe he is finding that assisting players is more helpful.  The fact is, the Dallas Stars are better with him on the roster.  He’s calm, he can lead the team, and tends to enjoy being away from attention. The Stars’ turnaround will likely begin and end with him.

The Future of The Dallas Stars

We all know about the losing streak toward the end of the season last year.  We all remember the delay caused by what’s going on currently.  The delay seemed to really benefit the Dallas Stars. While there shouldn’t be one this year (hopefully), the Stars still have a chance to rediscover their identity.  Fans shouldn’t forget that the team can rebound from a tough time. The players also need to be reminded just who they are, and the strides they’ve made through the last handful of years.  This season isn’t over- it’s barely getting started. And the turnaround starts with Jamie Benn.

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