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Dana Loesch: Did Twitter Beef Help Make Kim Kardashian A Gun Control Hero?

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Maybe the apocalypse is really upon us. Maybe the ground has felt a little colder lately. I hear that happens when hell freezes over.

I mean, the signs are everywhere, Heidi Klum is no longer a 10, Donald Trump is leading the way amongst Republicans, a female fighter is the baddest person on the planet and Kim Kardashian is being lauded a hero.

I know, while all of those things seem implausible, it was only the last one that was impossible right? I mean the woman everyone loved to hate is being cheered, how is that even possible? The answer is simple, she took up for what was right and had the “rest of the world be damned” attitude about it. Might we really have to thank Kanye for this—only if we interrupt his thank you to say Beyonce really deserved the credit?

Yes, Mrs. West came out on twitter yesterday (I better be careful how I word that), and blasted the ridiculous “gun control” laws we have in this country. Yes I put the words “gun control” in quotes because the mere fact that anyone has the audacity to refer to it anywhere close to that is a joke.

Anyway, Kim was ranting about how easy it was for David Conley to get a gun and ammunition, then go ahead and use said gun to slaughter his ex-girlfriend & her entire family, including her six kids and her husband. Apparently what got Kim really pissed off was that he allegedly purchased BOTH the guns and the ammunition on-line.

The following are the stream of conciseness from Kim on twitter:

Have u heard of the heart breaking story about David Conley who slaughtered his ex-girlfriend & her entire family! Her 6 kids,husband & her!

He purchased the gun & ammo ONLINE! How is it so easy to purchase guns online!!! Does this not sicken you? No background checks needed!!!!!

These gun safety laws have to change! This poor woman was tied up & saw every child of hers & husband get executed over 10 hours!

My thoughts & prayers go out to Valerie Jackson’s family and friends! #GunLawsHAVEtoChange #GunSafety #BackgroundChecksNecessary

Normally, that would be the end of the story. We would applaud Kim (a noise that may startle her as she has probably never heard it before), and move on. But of course the whack-job right wingers had to be heard from as well.

So it should come as no shock that Nationally Syndicated talk radio host and author of “Hands Off My Gun” Dana Loesch decided she had to weigh in on twitter.

Of course being the fine, upstanding whack job she is, she also had to take pot-shots not only at Kardashian, but of course the entire Anti-Gun lobby. Here is just a small example of the rhetoric that Loesch spouted on Twitter:

If you want to know about a sex tape ask her. If you want to know about gun laws, ask me or law abiding gun owners.

Don’t pretend that she authored those Tweets. They should have had a “sponsored” tag because they were written by the anti-gun lobby.

Hey anti-gun folks, citing illegal sales by criminals doesn’t show a “loophole” in gun laws. Criminals don’t follow laws. My point stands.

@KimKardashian False. Background checks apply and must be sent through an FFL. You may want to learn a bit more about this first.

Furthermore, @KimKardashian Conley’s criminal record invalidated his ability to LEGALLY purchase. Period. Learn this before talking it.


So basically the gun lobby’s premise is, they are going to get guns anyway, so let’s let EVERYONE have one. Yeah, that worked so well in places like Tombstone, Arizona didn’t it? If that is indeed their argument then just answer me this, in countries where the gun control laws are much stricter, or guns are not allowed at all, why are their gun deaths per capita much lower than here in the United States? I mean if criminals are going to be criminals and get guns anyway? Or is that only in the USA that criminals will get the guns?

Before you go spouting the whole 2nd Amendment thing, I would like to say the idea behind the Constitution was that it was a living breathing document, so it should adjust with the times and not be set in stone. If you insist on living by the letter of the Constitution, I think that muskets should be legal, so the next time the Red Coats are about to attack, we can all be ready.

If Conley had a musket as his weapon of choice, he would still be trying to reload for the 4th, 5th or 6th time.

It is amazing how conservatives want to live by the letter of the Constitution when it comes to the Amendments that suit them, but bring in a Muslim who has the right under the Constitution to have the Freedom of Religion, well they flip their lids.

The point here is, NOT that I am a Liberal, because I am not. I am from this weird political party that says stuff just has to make sense. This time, Kim Kardashian is the sane one. Excuse me now, I need to close my window and look out for flying pigs.

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