When you face arrest on criminal charges, never hope for the best but instead stay prepared for the worse. It could entail spending time in jail before you can arrange for bail to ensure release, which can take a few days. Under the circumstances, jail time seems unavoidable unless you can speed up the process of availing bail with help from Clark County Castle Bail Bonds. The onus is on the accused to prove himself or herself not guilty for which court appearance is mandatory to participate in a trial that might absolve you. But it is a time taking process that can run into months and even years during which you might spend time in jail.

How to avoid jail time

Soon after the police arrest you; your biggest concern is to break free from captivity as soon as possible. No one wants to spend even a minute in jail and would like to try everything possible to set himself free unless someone has the traits of hardened criminals. The law allows people to avoid jail time or minimize it while pending trial, only if the accused avails bail by paying cash or furnishing bail bonds.

Bail and Bail bond

Bail – To release an arrested person, the court seeks some guarantee, which can be a written assurance by the accused promising to abide by the terms set by the court for his or her release. This is for a minor case, and the person has a clean background without any criminal record. Mostly, first-time offenders come under this category. But in most cases, people must avail bail by providing monetary security for securing the release of the arrested person. The court decides the bail amount by considering the person’s background, type of case, seriousness, earlier convictions, and criminal record, and earning capacity to assess the risk and fix a bail amount. On posting bail by depositing the amount, the person can walk free.  Failing to abide by the bail conditions is a serious criminal offense that can result in arrest again.

Bail bond – Besides paying cash for securing bail, another way is to obtain bail by furnishing a bail bond that works in the same way but does away with cash payment. For availing a bail bond, you must involve a bond agent who arranges for the bond by going through a lengthy and complicated legal process. The agent will collect only 10% of the bail amount from the client while arranging to furnish the bond, which serves as a guarantee that the court accepts and releases the person.

Availing the services of a bond agent is not only convenient but costs much less. That is why people prefer posting bail bonds over bails.  Bond agents act like guarantors of the accused and keep a close watch on their movements after release to ensure that they abide by the conditions and appear in court for the trail.


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