A canopy tent hardly needs an introduction for they are a familiar sight at weddings, funfairs, birthday parties, trade shows, and company expos. They even serve as a green room for outdoor theatrical performances and concerts as well as a place to relax in for outdoor sporting events and church services. While canopy tents facilitate fun events because of their versatility, they can also rise admirably to the situation in times of emergency and crisis due to this very same adaptability. Easy to carry and set up, canopy tents can be used for just about any purpose during emergencies for extended periods. A quick look at the various emergencies where a canopy tent can be very useful:

Sanitation Station

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is a prime example of the critical importance of sanitation and personal hygiene. If you are rendering an essential service that requires your staff to be present in an outdoor location, you can think of setting up a sanitization station in a canopy tent. All you need is a popup tent equipped with a folding table, a couple of folding chairs, and a sanitizer. If the requirement needs to be more elaborate, you can have the setup to include stations for washing hands or even taking showers. This kind of a sanitization station is ideal for public spaces like rail stations, bus terminals, parks, parking lots or areas that see a lot of foot traffic.

Medical Screening & Testing

Pandemic control depends substantially on being able to figure out who has been infected and taking steps to isolate and treat them. This means that very frequently the authorities have to set up medical screening facilities in places that have a high density of population but no suitable medical facilities. By using Emergency Medical Tents 10×10, healthcare providers can conduct the required medical screening conveniently. The principal advantages are that these tents can be very quickly deployed and the tests started. You can even use a large tent to establish a drive-through screening facility. High peak tents and West Coast frame tents are especially suitable for this purpose since they do not have the central pole that can otherwise obstruct the traffic.

Triage Tent

According to https://www.forbes.com, triage allows emergency caregivers to handle higher-than-normal patient volumes with less staff, typical of an emergency. In an emergency, the hospital can set up a temporary facility for triage in large canopy tents to make the process faster and safer while keeping in mind privacy issues. When there are a large number of patients, efficient triage can mean the difference between life and death for patients as the process allows the caregivers to figure out which cases are the most critical and urgent. A canopy tent is ideal for this purpose as not only it can be large enough to accommodate medical beds or stretchers but also come with sidewalls that can address the privacy concerns.


There is no predicting the nature and gravity of a medical emergency and neither can you plan to have all the facilities ready to be operational whenever you need them. Canopy tents are ideal for setting up temporary medical facilities even in remote locations and challenging disaster sites because they are very portable and easy to set up quickly. Compared to other prefab structures, they are also very economical.


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