In the old days, the strategy that most marketing efforts revolved around was shaped like a funnel, which illustrated how advertisements were perpetually streamed to the audience until they purchased a product. After they bought, they were good as nothing to the companies until the next ad wave.

Today, many marketers say that this principle doesn’t work anymore, because customers have evolved to execute more active participation in the advertising industry. The consumer field has grown to desire better customer service and more avenues where their opinions will be relevant. They have become tired of on-the-face, needle-piercing advertisements and have moved on to a more genuine kind of attention-grabbing. What works now is a more sustainable, cyclical model of marketing they call the flywheel.

In today’s marketing landscape, the customer’s needs are different from the past. To continue increasing your business profits, what digital marketing strategies should you change or start using? Here are some tips:


Retarget your strategy

Indeed, when one’s environment is changing, one needs to adapt to survive. Retargeting is a periodical phase in marketing that companies go through—especially in a rapidly evolving market.

Retargeting your market, your campaigns, and everything related to increasing your presence requires analysis. To help you out, you can ask certain questions like:

● Are your marketing-aided website visits substantially decreasing?

● Do all of your marketing strategies still significantly contribute to your sales?

● Are you confident that your current target demographic is still the right choice?

When you make changes and re-angle your strategy, you must immediately see if these adaptations work properly. Compare them to your previous statistics and to the past year. Compare the percentage increases or decreases. Retargeting is a great chance to upgrade your general strategy.

Get influencers

Some say it started when the Kardashians would mention a beauty product they use, and the company where the product came from had a boost in sales.

As people got sick of ads that scream at you when you see them on your screens, they instead responded to genuine views and appraisals. And where will they obtain this other than from the people they trust, or in other words, celebrities?

If you see in your regular social media feeds people who say “thank you” or compliment a cosmetic product, that is an influencer. Influencers are becoming the hottest advertisement tools today. They are people who have gained a large enough following that companies ask them to endorse their products “genuinely”.

Revitalize your SEO

Consumers who organically search for products are still one of the most significant sources of online traffic for websites. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the practice of adapting your content to forms that will make it more visible in search engine results.

SEO will make your online platforms provide a better user experience for your customers. Buyers, more often than not, know what they want and if a problem arises and they don’t quickly and clearly find what they’re looking for, it’s effortless for them to leave your domain. Links and tags done by SEO writers can aid the buyers in finding their desired products.

Follow the mobile trend

Statistics show that people have been using mobile devices more often than PCs for quite some time now. If you still have yet to adapt to the mobile-driven world we live in, you’re missing out.

To achieve this, you ought to get a website that is built for mobile first. There are many essential variations between mobile and PC-built sites, from the URL to the entire interface. The increase of the user-friendliness and attractiveness of your platforms will help you get back those viewers who were unable to see all components of your site when viewed on their phone. It also helps to beautify your website look, as millennials today are known to be all about design and aesthetic. Many sites such as GUI tricks can give you better tips on how to make the best mobile websites.

Use data tools to measure your strategies’ effectivity

You’ve tried out new approaches and improved your old ones, but how can you concretely know how effective they are aside from sales? Powerful tools such as Google Analytics can tell you your success (or failure) in numbers, using statistics to show information such as your website traffic.

In social media, Facebook Insights and Instagram business accounts can aid you in the same way. What’s even better about these tools is that they are free.

Don’t forget to use the principle of website conversion rates, which is comprised of those users who make a desired action, according to Nielsen Norman Group. Their very clear example goes like this: an e-commerce website in January was visited by 100,000 customers, 2,000 of which purchased a product. The website’s conversion rate is 2,000 divided by 100,000, which is 2%.

These powerful tools will make your direction to success clearer. Make sure to use them.

Tell stories through content marketing

Because customers want a genuine portrayal of their products, telling stories is one powerful way of making them see the beauty of your product. Big companies like Nike have done a great job in doing this in a series named after their signature phrase “Just Do It.” Videos, photos, and other multimedia content can be used to forward your product to the public.

Telling stories of people and how a particular product makes their lives better can tickle the emotions of the customers. If if they know that what they’re watching is an endorsement, ads that tell a powerful narrative targets another part of their senses. Maybe that’s what makes these ads effective, and perhaps that’s why people today want more authenticity because in the end, having better lives is what matters, right?

Final thoughts

Hopefully this list helps you with boosting your business profits—but more importantly, hopefully you’re now aware of all of the digital marketing avenues available to you. Take a good hard look at what strategies have worked for you in the past, and experiment with different strategies in the future. Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and so should you and your business.

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