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SEO: 8 Best Search Engine Optimization Tools

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of optimizing the Google search engine page results, by increasing the website’s rank in and creates traffic. Thereby making the visitors to land on their website and increase their website visitors.

There are several free and paid SEO tools are using by the SEO analyst all over the world. Among all, we are going to discuss 8 best SEO tools widely using.

Before getting into the article, just have clear notes that SEO and its tools and techniques are upgrading day by day. Out of all, you have to pick up the method which suits you well and stuck into them. Let us see the top 8 SEO tools.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a basic analytics tool and provides free service web analytics for SEO and marketing purposes. It is the best tool for measuring SEO activities. This SEO tool is most suited for the small and medium size website than the large and complex website. It provides the details of

1. Who visits your website and also their geographic location?

2. How and where did they redirect from, to land your website?

3. How long they are staying in your site analytics? And much more

Apart from this Google analytics have the following features interpreted default. They are

• Visualizing the data via scorecards, dashboards and motion pictures

• Segmenting the analysis includes conversion

• Provides custom reports and e-mail communication

• Can be integrated with other Google products include Ad words, public data explorer, and website optimizer.

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is an SEO tool, used to fetch the highest volume search and target keywords. It helps to search for keywords as the list and gives the suggestion about how the keyword list performs. This tool helps to choose the competitive keywords and estimated budgets to use with the keywords search campaigns.

Google keyword planner is a Google free service helps to accomplish the below-mentioned tasks

-Research keywords

It gives suggestion and helps to find the new keyword campaign relevant to your business, services, products, and websites.

-Get statistics and forecasts

It gives the statistics details about how the keywords can be used, how better when compared to an existing campaign. This forecast helps to give the idea about the keywords perform for bid and budget, which in turn helps to decide the set of bidding and budgeting.

Keyword tool.io

Keywordtool.io is a free version SEO tool, which is the best alternative for Google keyword planner. It is interpreted with the Google auto complete additional feature with above 750 keywords suggestion for every search terms. We can use this tool without creating an account. One can find and analyze the suggested thousands of keywords to choose the relevant terms suits for the products, services or business and use them for Search Engine Optimization, content creation, and other marketing activities. Though the Google Keyword Planner is a free tool but meant to work well in the paid version of Google Ad words, the keywordtool.io is better when compared to former. Google auto complete is a feature provides an easy way of suggesting like the Google search box suggestion.

Google PageSpeed insights

A Google PageSpeed insight is an SEO which helps to enhance the speed of the website. Sometimes newly developed may run slow, it is very hard to diagnose, why the website is running slow. The reason may be poor website codlings and large elements used and other reasons. Pagespeed is the main thing for ranking your website. The faster website loads, lower the bounce rate and attains the highest ranking in the SERP. If we run the website in Google Pagespeed insights, the site will achieve 100% score.


Ahrefs is an SEO tool used for research and analysis. It is available free of cost. This SEO tool is commonly used for online marketers and SEO analyst to improve the websites search rankings. It is commonly known for back links checking, which is popular among other services provided by this tool. It also has the content explorer, which searches for the WebTop content of specific topic and keyword. The special feature of the Ahrefs are listed below

• Competitor analysis

• Keyword Difficulty

• Keyword generator

• Broken link checking

• SERP Checker

• Back link Checker


Deepcrawl is a web crawler, which cloud-based tool. It improvises the SEO performance by analyzing and monitoring the technical issue including the websites responsiveness, data analytics, back links, sitemaps and URL lists. Apart from that DeepCrawl can be used for the following purposes includes

• Landing page analysis

• Link auditing

• Competitor analysis and intelligence

• Website management and optimization

SEM Rush

SEM Rush is a premium free and paid version of SEO tool is mainly used for keyword and competitor research. It offers 20 different ways of analyzing competitors. It also provides the back links, best keywords, and content. In the paid version it has yet more additional features for optimizing the websites.

Long tail pro

Long tail Pro is a paid version SEO tool providing the keyword research from single root keywords to multiple root keywords. Though there are several keyword checking and suggesting tool it has a special feature it suggests a minimum of three words phrase. It is mainly used for the target niche demographics rather than massive audiences. It provides high ranks in the search engine.


There are several Search engine optimizations since it is a big process for online business success creates traffics and increase the website ranks and visitor rates. Hope the given 8 best SEO tools are useful. Kindly share this articles with your friends and leave your valuable comment. Have a good day.

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2 thoughts on “SEO: 8 Best Search Engine Optimization Tools

  1. I work for Branex, a digital marketing agency in New York and in SEO department we have many tools 2 which are core related to SEO are Ahrefs and buzzsumo. Content marketers generally use buzzsumo for tracking while SEO’s use ahrefs more. Our SEO team in just 3 months increased client traffic to 100 thousand+ and there is a big role of these tools too which helps us in tracking new tactics employed by our fast growing competitors. We even get our competitors paid ad spent and best working ads through tool.

  2. Content marketers generally use buzzsumo for tracking while SEO’s use ahrefs more. Our SEO team in just 3 months increased client traffic to 100 thousand+ and there is a big role of these tools too which helps us in tracking new tactics employed by our fast growing competitors. We even get our competitors paid ad spent and best working ads through tool.

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