Digital marketing has enabled many online businesses to reach the towering heights of success. It is a field which is exponentially growing at an immense rate and with the competition at large, digital marketing has now become a powerful tool of the trade.

However, with the changing perceptions and the new generations entering into the market, technology has become an evergrowing field. Do you know that almost 95% of the world’s population is found interacting with the Internet using their respective smart technology?

Here we are not denying the power of effective marketing. But, a well-defined strategy and a compelling advertising campaign in place can turn into a real deal breaker. Are you wondering which digital marketing trends are now becoming a powerful tool of the trade for different businesses?

Let’s find out.

The Rising Power of Chatbots

In recent times, we have seen rapid development in the world of chatbots. Chatbot algorithms are now commonly found integrated at the back-end of different websites. A well-coded chatbot can allow incoming users to communicate with the product. These chatbots then eventually help resolve user queries by meeting their respective goals. As we are moving deeper into the technological landscape, we have realized that there is much potential in this technology. The future chatbots will become more and more sophisticated in interaction. Entrepreneurs believe that verbal interactions between human and chatbots will become more life-like in the coming time. Hence, they are making necessary investments to make customer experiences more personalized and sophisticated for the audience.

Live Video Is Becoming a Rising Trend

Many brands and influencers are now making the best use-case of social media marketing. According to a recent estimate, video marketing is going to become quite the norm. More than 70% of the marketing activities by the year 2020 will shift to video marketing. One of the reasons for this sudden surge up in video marketing is because of the live videos. A great example of live videos is none other but the “Twitch” network. It allows users to stream real-life gaming experience for multiple viewers who are learning to play video games. There are separate channels for each game and there is also a section for streamers to start a channel for Sony’s PS4 gaming console as well.

How live streaming is becoming a great venture for the digital marketing world? It is enabling future marketers to run digital marketing activities in real-time for multiple users. Apart from activities, users are streaming channels where they are educating the wide masses of the world on the different lessons of digital media.

Content Plays a Key Role

Whether big or small, content marketing is a major game player in the world of digital marketing. If one thing which isn’t ever going to die down in the world of marketing, then it is the use of sophistically written content. People like to read information which is unique and engaging. Most content writers are although able to create engaging content, but they often miss the steps which can trigger the subconscious mind of the readers. When you develop a deeper and more relatable understanding with the audience, then you can more easily put yourself into their shoes and understand their needs better. As a result, you start creating more better content which can resonate with the right audience for your brand or product.

More Personalization in Emails

If there is one place personalization is going to lay its seeds! It is none other but the world of email marketing. Email is a communication channel favored by billions and is used for commercial as well as personal purposes. There are no signs that email marketing is ever going to fail in the coming days. While email marketing is still there, marketers still complain that their emails are not getting clicked. Emails are not anymore just emails, but they are now a combination of automation and personalization. Email is often considered the final trigger to attract the customer. You can then use a follow-up using a promotional price and a demo video within a personalized email campaign.

Voice Interaction Will Relatively Increase

As voiceovers are becoming more and more common, we have seen many agents such as Siri, Axela, Google Assistant, etc. Now machines are becoming more and more interactive. You, as a person, is now able to search, discover and shop for new things. It has introduced some interesting new challenges. However, conducting a voice search is quite different in comparison to conducting a query. Those SEO specialists who have found a way to interact with the voice search feature has actually found a way to connect with people. When a text-based search is performed through a voice search, it readily pulls information from the database. Hence, the most relevant information is shared first.

Author Bio: Irfan Ak is a digital marketing manager in Branex & a guest blogger on various websites. He is also the digital strategist of Taskque which is task management software. He has worked with various other brands and created value for them.

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