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CBD: Discover THC E Liquid To Vape!


May 28, 2019

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If you like cannabis you’re aware of THC e liquid. It is the latest trend because it is so easy and cost effective. To make the juice, you combine some concentrate and a blank vape juice or liquidizer. Together, these two ingredients create infused vape juice. If you want even more flavor, you can add additional terps to the juice before vaping.

The best part is that this mix works in almost any vape you’ll find at vape shops and gas stations. The next best thing is that it’s cheaper than another popular way to vape cannabis. Pre-filled vape cartridges fail to compare to DIY vape juice. Soon, you’ll see why.

Discover THC E Liquid: What Is A Pre-Filled Vape Cartridge?

Cannabis dispensaries sell pre-filled vape cartridges. You purchase them completely assembled. Some are already attached to simple vape batteries. Others, however, screw on to simple batteries called ‘510’ threaded by the industry.

Inside the cartridge is a product called a liquidizer and cannabis concentrate. The cartridge itself is an atomizer and chamber. The chamber holds the cannabis-infused vape juice. When you want to vape, the atomizer heats up and turns the juice into vapor.

Some of these batteries have an on and off button and very simple temperature control. Others simply operate when you place your mouth on them and breathe in.

Unfortunately, you will quickly discover some problems with this method.

Vape Cartridge Drawbacks

The first problem is that you won’t find many flavors to pick from at the dispensary. Each brand makes a scant few flavors.

Another problem is how expensive these cartridges are. Because you are purchasing the juice and the cartridge each time, it costs more than the juice alone. Furthermore, you pay for a middleman to create the juice for you.

A troubling but infrequently discussed issue is how much garbage these units create. They are more damaging than plastic straws, plastic water bottles, and other trash that make the news. Each time they run out, you throw them away creating mass in landfills.

If you’re lucky, you’ll experience basic temperature control by adjusting the wattage the battery expels. Many of the simple systems that work with these cartridges don’t even offer that, however.

Because these units are disposable, they aren’t made with much quality and don’t last.

THC E Liquid Benefits

Your flavor options are vast because these liquidizers are gently preflavored and full of variety.

You’ll save an extreme amount of money by making your own juice. Experience up to 6 times the savings by making your own juice at home.

Because you refill a cartridge or vape tank, you create very little waste when you make your own juice.

Furthermore, this juice works in any vape mod from pod systems to sub-ohm units with all of the bells and whistles. If you want to be a vape enthusiast or exert extreme temperature control you can do this. If you prefer to use a simple unit, those are also going to work with your DIY vape juice.

Want To Learn What The Liquidizer Really Is?

We don’t have to get technical, and you’ll find most vape juice manufacturers don’t go into detail about the composition of their mix. That’s because it’s proprietary information. Basically, the juice is a mixture of PG, PEG and other FDA approved substances.

These substances are already in products you use and are considered safe.

If you’ve ever used a pre-filled vape cartridge, then you’ve already vaped a liquidizer. It isn’t a new discovery.

Generating Your Own THC E Liquid At Home

Time for the directions. The best practice is to consult the directions on your liquidizer. Sometimes, you’ll find more detail at the company’s website. There are minute differences between each type of juice.

However, here are general guidelines.

You’ll need some heat to combine the wax and liquidizer. The microwave is the easiest way to do this. If you only nuke your mix for a few seconds, it’s safe and preserves cannabinoids and terpenes.

You also need a container that’s heat proof so you can do this, obviously.

Another must have is a concentrate. Pick a gram of any of your favorites. You’ll make 3 mls of juice by mixing it with 2 mls of liquidizer, or similar based on the directions on your bottle. This ratio is a guideline.

Transfer your combined juice from mixing container to vape tank with some kind of suction device. Vape shops and most liquidizer manufacturers sell these tools, which are reusable and inexpensive.

That’s All There Is To It

That’s really the long and short of THC E Liquid. It’s not a new thing and the trend is gaining popularity because it puts the control in your hands. It also leaves more cash available for other things instead of those pricey carts.

By demystifying the terminology and products we have hopefully given you the keys to step up your vape game.

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