World of Pandora

Yesterday I was able to experience Walt Disney World of Pandora. Specifically, the ride called Flight of Passage.  It is based on the movie Avatar, a 2009 film that grossed over $2 billion. It’s located in the Animal Kingdom in Orlando Florida.  The wait times for this ride has been anywhere from 130 minutes to 300 minutes.  That’s a very long time for a ride but I will tell you that it is worth every minute. Now I will tell you I have never seen the movie so I don’t know any of what’s going on with decor or the rides that are in the park. This is important because I feel like you don’t need to watch the movie to enjoy the park. But if you did watch the movie I bet it’s even more amazing.

When you first approach the land of Pandora you can see that Disney held nothing back when it came to this land.  The decor is amazing and very detailed and its also best to see at night because of the black lights and special effects. You will see a lot of plant life all around including the piece shown here. 

It sprays water out of the point and also lights up purple on the part above the kid’s heads in the photo.

Onto the ride now and the walk up was rough because it was outside and it was raining. So I really could not take in any of the scenery for too long. You are then assigned a group to go in to get ready for your link.  Linking is when a human matches to an Avatar and becomes 1.  First, you will enter a room where a doctor over video chat does a scan for a parasite.  As you expected everyone has it, but they have a quick cure since it’s a common virus. It then does a body scan to match you up with the best Avatar to match your DNA.

Now to the actual ride. You get on this bike-like seat and put on your 3D glasses. You are then linked and when you awake you are in Pandora on the back of a banshee.  The ride is just like Soarin, another popular Disney ride. Only this ride is like Soarin on crack. The graphics, and the feeling of flying.  It truly uses all of your senses and takes you on a breathtaking journey through Pandora. If you’re planning on coming to Disney World in Orlando make the World of Pandora a stop on your trip. I promise it will be worth your while. Even if you are like me and have not seen the movie. 2 thumbs up and a 10/10 rating.  I will be reviewing the Na’vi river journey tomorrow.

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