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Do You Have What It Takes to Adopt a Dog?

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Adopting a dog is a noble endeavor. However, if that’s the only thing motivating you then think again.

Influenced by the media and social media campaigns, people often head over to the local pound because that’s the “right thing to do”. This is why most adoption centers witness a spike in adoption rates during the holiday seasons, the time when most people are in a giving mood.

Unfortunately, this is almost always followed by an increased rate of abandonment and returns. For adoption agencies, this pattern is disappointingly consistent.

So, why are so many dogs getting adopted only to be returned back to the pound a few months later? There is no one answer. Among other things, newbie pet parents often have no idea about the responsibility, effort, and expense that goes into keeping a dog healthy. In a lot of cases, certain family members face difficulty sharing living space with a dog, which eventually leads to abandonment.

Dogs need permanent homes such as fine doormats, per Selfpetcare.com, where they are loved and cared for all their lives. All dogs deserve parents who love them unconditionally and realize that abandoning them is like abandoning a child. This is why we urge you not to act in haste and ask yourself these 5 questions before adopting a dog:

Are You a Dog Person?

It’s okay if the answer is no. If you think you are being influenced by friends or social media then stop right there. Loving your neighbor’s dog also does not make you a dog person because you are not there for those nasty bits. To be a dog person, you need to be in love with the dog as well as the chores that come with it.

Are You Fully Aware of the Responsibilities That Comes with Being a Pet Parent?

Taking care of a dog demands time, effort, and expense such as food and pet meds like flea pills for dogs on a daily basis. From cleaning up poop to taking it to the vet’s office, you need to be in for the whole ride.

Can You Spare the Time Required to Take Care of the Dog?

While you might have the right answers to all the above-mentioned questions, you still need to have the time to take care of your dog. If you have a job that keeps you away from your home for extended periods of time then you might want to reconsider. A good approach is talking to your partner and drawing out a schedule and setting responsibilities.

Do Have the Mental Fortitude to Discipline and Train Your Dog?

Dogs are pack animals and in that pack, you need to be the alpha. There are plenty of training tools available to properly train your dog. When your dog does something naughty you need to be stern without being abusive.

Is Everyone in Your Family Excited About Adopting a Dog?

Adopting a dog should be an exciting affair. If you have to force the dog on someone, then, it’s definitely not a good idea. Speak to all the family members in advance and maybe ask them these very same questions. Bringing home a dog as a surprise is a big no-no.

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