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To start things off, this article contains SPOILERS for Doctor Strange. If you have not seen the film, bookmark this page and come back after viewing it. It will make your viewing experience much more enjoyable. But if you do not care about spoilers, feel free to continue. One thing Marvel films all have in common are their humor. If a film is within the MCU, then it is a lock to be pretty funny given the nature of how Marvel Studios makes their films. The latest installment into the growing list of box office hits for Marvel, Doctor Strange, is no exception. The film is now in theaters, and if you have had the luxury of seeing it already, then you know there were plenty of laughs to go around. It all starts with the lead man, Benedict Cumberbatch. Cumberbatch is a personal favorite of mine, as he can roll between serious and funny within a matter of seconds. His flexibility within roles is amazing, and if you have ever seen The Imitation Game, where Cumberbatch plays Alan Turing, you know exactly what I mean. The role of Stephen Strange is an arrogant surgeon who feels he is perfect and can be condescending to those he feel are below him. But a few moments later he can be interacting with someone who is close to him and things are quite fun and entertaining. But the humor is not limited to Doctor Strange himself. The majority of the cast is good for a laugh at some point in the film. So needless to say, putting together a top five list of funny moments was not an easy task. I had to leave out some pretty great moments, such as the wifi password exchange as well as Doctor Strange accusing the Ancient One of putting LSD in his tea. So without any further ado, here are the top five funniest moments of Doctor Strange. Cloak of Levitation kicks some butt  The Cloak of Levitation was a blast from the time it first appeared on the screen. The relic that chose Doctor Strange had audiences laughing left and right. Sometimes it would stop Strange from reaching something on the wall, and then it would be wiping off his face. But the time it stole the scene was when it trapped a Zealot and beat him up. Strange was trying to escape, and it was his cloak that allowed him to do so. Watching a piece of clothe beating up a man instead of the lead character doing the honors had the crowd bursting in laughter. And it was not simply there to wrap the bad guy up, but it was legitimately swinging him around and kicking some serious butt. Thor and his beer The mid-credit scene was one that has some serious ramifications moving forward in the MCU, but also one that had plenty of humor. The exchange between Doctor Strange and the Avenger from Asgard sees Strange offer the God of Thunder some tea. Thor does not drink tea, however. So the next time the screen flashes to Chris Hemsworth he is holding a large glass full of beer. But the humor does not stop there, and the next time we flash back to Thor, which is only a few seconds later, the large mug is practically empty. Then right before our eyes, it begins to magically fill up once again, to the delight of Loki’s brother. It was one of those scenes where they loaded plenty of laughs into a scene that could have had a completely serious tone, and it worked to perfection. [embedit snippet=”Kenny-ads”] Mister Doctor In the attack on one of the Sanctum Sanctorums by Kaecilius, we get our first meeting between hero and villain. When our baddie lays his eyes on the Sorcerer Supreme, he hits him with the line, “You’ll die defending this world Mister!”. But the cocky Strange does not like being referred to in that manner, and proceeds to correct Kaecilius like he does everyone by saying, “It’s Doctor!”. Slightly confused, the character portrayed by Mads Mikkelsen proceeds to call our hero Mister Doctor. Strange, trying to correct him, tells him it’s Strange. Thinking he meant the name Mister Doctor was strange, Kaecilius responds with “Maybe. Who am I to judge?”. The whole Mister Doctor gag would continue on later into the film, and it was certainly one of the more memorable laughing moments in the movie. [embedit snippet=”1″] Wong/Adele/Beyonce Upon meeting Wong for the first time, Doctor Strange seems perplexed by his name. He finds it odd that his name only has one component, and asks, “Wong? Just Wong? Like Adele?”. The joke would continue on as Strange would go on to name more one named musicians such as Bono and Eminem. But that was just the start. Not too long after, Strange and Wong are walking through the library. Wong makes a claim that Strange is not ready for something, in which the good Doctor responds with, “Try me Beyonce”, which is probably my favorite one-liner in the entire film. Wong seems a bit confused, as he seems to have no idea who Beyonce is. Things only get better when we see Wong reading later on, where he is listening to none other than Single Ladies, by Beyonce. Dormammu, I have come to bargain! Marvel is known for putting humor into climactic moments. The most well known come from Guardians of the Galaxy when Star-Lord challenges Ronan to dance battle during the final battle. Well in this one, Strange uses the time stone to produce one of the finals funniest and hands down most popular scenes. Having gone to the Dark Dimension, Strange has come up with a plan to stop Dormammu, who is revealed to be the true main villain of the film. In the Dark Dimension, time is simply a non-factor, and Strange uses the Eye of Agamotto to make an infinite loop. So Strange arrives on the scene shouting, “Dormammu, I have come to bargain!” Dormammu proceeds to kill Strange, only to have Strange come flying back it shouting the same line. Dormammu kills Strange once more, and the same thing happens once more. And the process keeps repeating, with the same line and a different death for our hero. Strange uses this loop to help bargain with the baddie to get him away from Earth, but the humor comes from seeing Strange blurt out the same line over and over and over again. Hands down one of the best, and funniest scenes in the film. So there you have it. What moments made you laugh the most during Doctor Strange? Tell us in the comments!

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