By Awais Ahmed

At whose house do the cars park regularly?

I love entertaining and I’ve learnt it’s the best option to invite my neighbors. Because no one has to navigate highways and calculate traveling time, most people accept the invitations. And over time these people can become closer friends than the ones you have now.

But then your entertaining must be up to standard. You don’t want them feeling bored. And those first few gatherings can feel awkward while everyone still gets to know each other.

So make sure your home entertainment caters for everyone. If you get it right they’ll be begging for another invitation.

Board Games

You probably thought I was only speaking about your home entertainment system, right? We will get to that but that’s not all people want.

Yes, society loves technology. But they also have an innate desire to connect. And watching a big screen won’t help.

Technology and the internet takes up a lot of people’s time. But there’s a reason the board game industry is not out of business yet. It’s still fun, effortless and relaxing to play Scrabble, Monopoly or Cluedo.

Your new acquaintances don’t have to generate small talk, so everyone will be at ease. And who doesn’t love some competition to get the adrenaline flowing before dinner?

The Pool

I don’t like swimming, but I realized I’m the odd one out. Most people love lounging around the water or soaking in the pool. And it seems to automatically create a relaxed atmosphere.

Of course pool parties are only for summer, but during winter it’s still the ideal setting for an outside evening barbeque. The mist on the water creates atmosphere without you even putting up décor.

Table Games

Table games are the perfect activities if you want to have a themed occasion. I ask people to dress up because a mask or costume puts them at ease.

It’s the perfect method for introducing new neighbors to the area. They feel relaxed in their get ups and you see something of their personalities shine through the costumes. It also makes for easy conversation when you ask about why they picked their particular outfits.

In this way a huge change becomes less challenging for some people. They’ll quickly feel at home.

I love how entertaining at home can improve someone’s life experiences. All it takes is a small addition to your invitations. And when it’s time for the party, see what costumes people match to these activities:

– If you have a foosball table a sporting theme is perfect. You can easily add board games to the schedule to keep everyone busy.

– When your pool table is the center of attention you can settle on classic themes or modern ones. The game has been around for long and it’s still popular. Because teams can play against each other it’s ideal for a larger group of people.

– A poker table lets you think of luxury, casinos and James Bond. Let your guests dress up and enjoy a night of fantasy. Many people can play simultaneously so it’s the ideal party table game. No one will feel left out.

If you don’t have these tables yet, it’s best you get one. You’ll enjoy it whether you have guests over or while spending time with your family. But it’s not an item you’ll find anywhere, right? An informative website such as will help you select quality products.

Audio Visual

Let’s be honest though. A state of the art home entertainment system will impress your neighbors too.

People love seeing the newest gadgets in action. They can see what you have and determine which items will be best for their own home setups.

Don’t do it simply to impress them. You can enjoy what you love most:

– If you’re a musician the latest music videos will look and sound exceptional if you have the right equipment.

– Perhaps a quiet movie night is exactly what you and the neighborhood needs. But why spend money going out if you can watch films in your living room with home made cuisine?

– This can also be the perfect way of keeping the kids entertained while the grown ups enjoy other activities. All children are fascinated with the latest technology.

If you want to impress you’ll need:

A screen: While a projection system and a separate screen have been popular, some flat screen monitors are just as impressive.

Sound: Ensure you create a surround sound effect if you really want to impress your guests. And some people only respond to bass sounds. You need subwoofers so they can feel and hear the music.

Hub: Make sure your electronic system can handle all the items you want to use. It receives signals and sends them to the various components. Everything must be compatible. Also think about pieces you may want to add in future.

Source components: These are all the activities you’re planning to enjoy with your friends:

o DVD player

o Music player

o Satellite TV unit

o Turntable if your music taste includes classic vinyl records

o Internet access point

Remotes: You can boast about how much you can control simply by using your remote control. Prevent the challenge of having several different items by getting a universal remote.

What do you still need impress your friends?


You’ll always find an introvert or two between your guests. All they need is an item that makes them feel at home. And most of them love books.

Display your books where guests can easily see them. Of course you don’t want them reading while you’re hosting fun activities. But a book can serve as a conversation starter.

Make sure all your guests feel at home.

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