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Donald Trump: His ego will not let him fail


November 10, 2016

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“Make America Great Again”

Those four words have caused many jokes and outlandish behavior, but when you think about their meaning, it’s not that bad.

Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States of America in January 2017. This may not be what America wanted but it may be what we need. Let me explain.

For years the country has been led by men who sees the country as nothing more than a soapbox to get their political policies pushed. But Trump, he’s no politician. He’s a business person at heart. America, as great as we are, we’re in trouble and have been for decades.

If you’re looking for Trump to fight for your rights and beliefs then you’re searching for a unicorn, walking across a rainbow holding a pot of gold. The country has been in a fairy tale frame of mind the last eight years, now it’s time to get down to business.

During the debates, you could see that Trump was uncomfortable as he went back and forth with Hillary Clinton. Clinton was more political, while Trump was more Flatbush Ave. As much as Americans seek leadership we have forgotten what a leader is supposed to do. A leader possesses qualities that make the masses want to follow, makes us look to them for guidance and understanding.

Barack Obama was a breath of fresh air for the political party but he was too nice. He was a leader in a sense that his presence alone made you want to walk through a wall for him. But Trump is different. It’s his demeanor, his voice and his thought process that makes him an ass but it’s those same traits that make him the perfect person for the job.

Let’s not forget where we are. This is America, not Africa or Japan. We are free-willed and we need a leader that has one goal in mind. To make us great again.

Trump is not from some small countryside town in North Carolina. He’s hardened by the streets of New York, the shady, yet, the successful business world and one who has made everyone a believer and a fan, until he decided to run for President.

I want a leader that has and will get in the trenches with me when times get tough. Hillary was not that person. She’s a politician to the bone and will take on America’s issues as such. Trump will stare the problem in the face, smirk and go for the jugular. This is what the streets of NY will do to you. Not those Hampton side streets but those South Bronx corners where the heart of America lives.

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A business man knows one thing. Money. How to make it and the blueprint to stay on top. Has Trump seen bad days on the business side? Yes, but he’s been more successful than he’s been defeated. America needs this. We need it more than we will ever admit.

The problem with us is that we view everything on a color scale. If the skin is different then we can’t relate. This is not what an election is for. We do not need the candidate that speaks the best or holds the most babies while campaigning. We need the no-nonsense person willing look the other way when the cameras are rolling and smack the fire out of an enemies mouth and not host a dinner party for them.

“Make America Great Again” has many meanings. While this is still the greatest country in the world we have been tried and tested over the last few years because we have given off this soft vibe. Trump may not have had my vote because I looked at him as a politician during all this, forgetting that what I once admired about him, I was now told to hate him for.

He always did what he wanted to do, never gave a damn what any of us thought. That ladies and gentlemen is the essence of a leader.

What makes him so great at what he does is his ego. His bravado is larger than life. A man with much to lose in the business world is a dangerous man. He will fight to the death to protect what’s his. Now he has America, whether you like it or not he is our leader. His hot temper may get us in a world of trouble but that same temper just may but what keeps us as great as we are.

America is mad because they felt the wrong politician got elected. But Trump is no politician.

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