During Thursday’s televised broadcast of a Donald Trump rally, the very first question asked was by a man wearing a Donald Trump shirt was very eye-opening.

Before going into his question, the first questioner remarked that his question is concerning the ‘Muslim Problem’. Then, this man goes on to rant about Pres. Obama being a Muslim in the White House who got there using forged documents, and that Muslims in America have Jihadi training camps in the USA and want to kill all Muslims. So he wanted to know what Trump was going to do about it.

Trump at first looked perplexed by the question which can seen by his remark when he said, “We need this for our first question?” His body language showed that he was uncomfortable with this question and his response seemed to sidestep an answer. His answer was very generic when he said, “People are concerned about this problem and we will look into it”.

Trump’s response immediately caused anger with the liberal media. Many Muslims were also up in arms about Trump’s response. Do I think it was an appropriate response? I believe that he was taken aback by the question and was not prepared to hear a question filled with so much bigotry, which is odd because his campaign is based upon bigotry and distrust of immigrants and other minorities such as Muslims.

Nobody can say that Trump has done anything to reach out to the Muslim community. As a matter of fact, he lost my respect when he said that the USA should stop, “Bringing in immigrants from Muslim majority countries and increase immigration from White European nations”. Trump did say that the USA wants to keep the best immigrant students in the USA but he is failing to mention the immense talent that comes to American universities from the Muslim world. Anyone who lives in Silicon Valley knows very well that there is a very large Muslim population that are very innovative. Not to mention that Steve Jobs is an Arab whose parents immigrated to the USA from Syria.

The comment about the ‘Muslim Problem’ leads comparisons to the rhetoric that was popular in Western Europe from the 1750’s through the end of WWII. It was very common for Europeans to discuss the ‘Jewish Question’ or ‘Jewish Problem’ that led to the genocide of over six million Jews in Nazi Germany. However this was not the only targeted group by the Germans. Any group seen as other were seen as a threat and were also on the list for extermination.

Which leads me to Trump and his rhetoric. He is trying to play the role of the textbook ‘Charismatic Leader’. Charismatic leaders generally come at a time when a nation is in ‘crisis’. Trump is playing on the Tea Party member’s fears that our country is in crisis due to our, “Kenyan-born Muslim president in the White House that is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’ rhetoric seen by these people. Also he plays on the fears of these same white racists by labelling all non-documented immigrants as a potential threat that wants to rape your ‘white’ daughter. I agree with him that people should have their visas to be here, but this is another topic all together.

Trump has made people believe that the USA is in crisis by saying that the American Dream, “Is not dead but is on life support. But when I become president I will become the greatest job creator in the history of man. I will make American great again. I will build a military that is so strong nobody will dare to attack us”.

It is true that the USA is in a job slump. Many jobs especially manufacturing jobs have been sent overseas. The common reason believed by the American people is because it is due to cheaper labor. The truth of the matter is that American students are not graduations with the skills that are needed to be able to use modern manufacturing equipment which are very computerized. The American education system is failing our children immensely.

Trump consistently says that when he is president that, “All illegal immigrants will be out of here so fast when I am president that your head will spin.” He has never even considered an amnesty program in order to see if the people here are productive or not. He has also made blanket statements insinuating that all American gangs are ‘illegal immigrants’ and that they need to leave as well.

Another sign of a charismatic leader that turns into a dictator is that they want to build something that will make people remember him. An example could we with former Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser who wanted to build a dam at the Suez Canal that really served no other purpose but to fulfill nationalistic pride. Trump wants to build a wall in the Southern US which he refers to as the ‘Trump Wall’.

Trump’s pandering to the racist right-wing establishment causes him to increase his rhetoric to pander to these constituents even more. If he is elected he will only listen to these people. By pandering to these people he is only adding fuel to the flame of racial hatred causing animosity and incitement towards those seen as others.

Ultra-nationalism is a disease that led to the rise of Adolf Hitler. By using a group seen as an enemy and a cause for Germany’s economic demise in a post WWI world, Hitler was able to rise to power. Once in power he abused his power. I am not saying that Trump would be behind a genocide, I am saying however that his rhetoric is very much in line with what was popular in Nazi Germany.

In Nazi Germany they spoke about the “Jewish Problem” which led to Hitler’s ‘Final Solution’. Which was the extermination of all people that did not fit into the nationalistic vision of what a German should be. We are seeing the same type of rhetoric with the white racist Tea-Party with their nationalistic push claiming to be the only ‘real patriots’ and to be a ‘real patriot’ you must be the most bigoted and extreme in your speech.

We have seen these type of people in history. There have been many charismatic leaders who used nationalism and the current ‘crisis’ to be elected as a ‘savior’ figure that will solve the problems for those whom voted them in.

Really the thought of a Trump presidency scares me, and should scare all.

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