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2013 NBA Free Agency : Dwight Howard’s Potential Suitors

Another NBA offseason, another few months of the annoying question, “Where will Dwight Howard play next?”.

The 6’11” former Orlando Magic star is a free agent and is rumored to be looking to sign with teams that are only in the NBA title hunt. Currently there are five teams lined up to meet with him including the LA Lakers, Dallas Mavericks, Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets, and Atlanta Hawks.

In my opinion, other than the Hawks, who unfortunately will have next to no shot in making the NBA finals for the next few years (Sorry Hawk fans. Miami, Indiana, Brooklyn, Chicago, and New York are stacked). Any one of those four Western Conference teams has a great shot at getting Howard.

Dwight alongside Dirk Nowizki in Dallas? Would give any defense nightmares and would almost guarantee Dallas a return to form in becoming a threat in the west.

Dwight with Nash, Gasol, and Kobe in his “supposed” final season? It didn’t work last year, but with a season under their belts could the Lakers return to the NBA’s elite with this squad?

Dwight in Houston? Playing with Lin, Hardin, and Parsons? More than a possibility. They are one of the Western conference premier teams. The signing of Howard would make them more than that.

Golden State? They kind of surprise me due to having Bogut already, but he’s so injury prone. Also, the potential of having an outside/inside game of Curry and Howard could be just enough to get the Warriors to the NBA Finals.

Obviously missing from that list is Brooklyn who recently acquired Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett from Boston. It’s no secret that Dwight has expressed his want to play for the Nets, however with this recent signing of Garnett and Pierce, it’s kind of obvious that won’t be happening for at least a few more years.

So where’s Dwight going to land among these teams? Maybe none of them. Where would you like to see him play?

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