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NFL: Eagles-Browns Trade Guarantees That Wentz and Goff Go 1-2


April 20, 2016

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Today, the Browns rumors of “exploring their options” have indeed been proven correct today as they found a trade partner for the #2 pick. The Browns receive #8 overall most notably among a 2017 1st and 2018 2nd round pick.

Trade Details:

The #Eagles get:

#2 overall pick in 2016 NFL Draft
4th round pick in 2017 NFL Draft

The #Browns get:

#8 overall pick
3rd round pick (#77), 2016
4th round pick (#100), 2016
1st round pick, 2017
2nd round pick, 2018

This trade pretty much guarantees that both marquee QB prospects Jared Goff and Carson Wentz will be the first two players taken in the 2016 NFL Draft, which takes place in Chicago in 8 days.

The Eagles will most definitely be drafting either Goff or Wentz with Doug Pedersen’s offense, which is not all that different from Andy Reid’s. I think Wentz would be a much better fit because he’s already been in a pro-offense in college. Goff is more of a pure passer.

The Browns will be #8 and have gained a 3rd and a 4th. I believe that they could go with one of five players at that pick. In my opinion, this was the best thing the Browns could’ve done. They get additional ammo and a chance that they could have gotten in terms of the chance they can maneuver around for the players they want.

The Browns could’ve traded down to go after QB Paxton Lynch, maybe they like Paxton Lynch more, it’s highly possible that this is possible. Remember how athletic Lynch is and don’t forget that Hue Jackson LOVED Colin Kaepernick was getting drafted in 2011, and also the interest the Browns “sort of” had for Kaepernick. This would guarantee that the Browns go after OL, WR, and EDGE with their next three picks.

They could draft Joey Bosa/Ezekiel Elliot as a way to sell the Buckeyes as a part to turn it around. This would be a big marketing thing like Johnny Manziel was in 2014.

Bosa could fall into this pick now that the two QBs will be picked in the top 2. Bosa could boost a defensive line that got bullied last season even with rookie Danny Shelton. Mingo and Kruger have proven they are role players.

Elliot would be a pick like Todd Gurley was for the Rams last year, a guy who can make plays in the second level and take the pressure off of Robert Griffin III or Josh McCown at QB. Elliot could be a Rookie of the Year Candidate and compliment Duke Johnson also; this would be an instant boost for the offense in hindsight.

The last scenario I can think of is to pick Ronnie Stanley or Jack Conklin in a foreshadowing way of saying that Joe Thomas may be traded before or during the draft. Conklin is better than Stanley in my eyes but Stanley is definitely more athletic and has been praised as the more prolific prospect.

If the Browns decide to go QB at #8 or later I do expect for them to discuss 4 different QBs. Paxton Lynch, (whom I’ve mentioned already), could be a target as soon as the 1st round because of his potential and that they’ve been rumored to like him.

Arkansas QB Brandon Allen could be a sleeper pick in the middle rounds, according to Daniel Jeremiah and Mike Mayock of NFL Network. Allen is a guy praised as a game manager and could be more with time. This could be a safety valve in case someone leaps them for Lynch.

Mississippi State QB Dak Prescott could be another option, as early as round 2 or round 3. Prescott would give them the chance to beef up the OL, WR core, and maybe a defensive player early. Prescott was efficient last season and is definitely the type of leader you’d think Hue Jackson can like being the face of his offense.

The Final Verdict:

The San Diego Chargers had a deal with the Eagles but they were nothing more than added insurance for the Eagles to land Wentz (whom they prefer) or Jared Goff, in case the Browns were sure they were taking Tunsil or Ramsey at #2, had they stay put.

The Chargers may look at Tunsil at this point as their top need pick but might find it difficult to not have Ramsey replace Eric Weddle right away. In my mind I believe Tunsil is worth this pick and with Ken Whisenhunt back in the fold it’ll be quite hard for it not to be addressed.

The Cowboys, Jaguars, and Ravens are looking at defense, I believe if Tunsil goes #3, expect the next three picks to be between Bosa, Jack, Buckner, Ramsey, Hargreaves. Of those five you’re guaranteed to have three of them drafted from four-to-six.

The Philadelphia Eagles will make Wentz/Goff a backup for a year, at the very least while Sam Bradford finishes his deal. If Wentz looks good in camp, preseason, and in weekly practices, I’m sure the Philadelphia fans and media will pressure the team to bench Bradford, the draft bust, for the kid from Fargo or the kid from northern California.

I’ll have my final mock draft up on InscriberMagazine by next Thursday morning just in time for it to be put to the test on draft night.

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