While gold rings are stunning and one of the unique pieces of jewellery you’ll ever possess, they’re not only for weddings. Today rings are for all events, tiny and huge, formal and casual, uncommon and every day. Each ladies gold ring design by Vaibhav Jewellers is ideal for commemorating all of life’s significant occasions since they never go out of style and always look stunning. Indeed, this is what distinguishes them as classics. Classic event rings are understated and classy, with timeless shapes and styles.

Indeed, there are several stunning ladies gold ring design varieties to pick from. They range from simple rings to bold antique bands and rings set with diamonds or colourful gemstones.

Read this write-up to learn more about what we offer to you when choosing the appropriate piece of jewellery for your needs.

Cluster Configuration

With this ring setting, which has been appropriately termed “cluster,” the designer hopes to produce a spectacular piece of jewellery by combining several small stones. A large centre stone is surrounded by a sea of smaller jewels in a cluster setting.


Double Finger Rings

The newest ladies gold ring designis a craze among millennial women. Double finger rings are fashioned in such an expressive and fashionable manner that just one glance at them will have you tempted to get one. Shop the “Infinity Tangent Ring,” a conventional double gold designer ring with an infinity symbol.


Rings with spiritual connotations

Sacred Rings are commonly shown with a crucifix, Sai Baba, Lord Ganesha, or Lakshmi Devi, as well as other religious symbols of equal significance.


Rings with Birthstones

Birthstone Rings are another type of ring that has much significance as a piece of family jewellery. They are included in the category of gold designer ringtypes. The majority of people like to give Birthstone jewellery, such as charms and rings, for special events such as Baby Showers and the birth of a child. At Vaibhav Jewellers, you may also obtain a free gemological study of the birthstones that are the most appropriate for your Zodiac sign at no cost.


Rings of Eternity

Eternity rings are rings that are meant to represent eternal or never-ending love. They are typically presented as a continuous line of similarly cut gemstones by one spouse or loved one to the other spouse or loved one. While eternity rings are frequently made entirely of diamonds, they can be made of any gemstone as long as the band is continuous and unbroken. Thisgold designer ring is an unending loop representing eternal love. We often wear them on the ring finger between the wedding band and the engagement ring.

Rings with Cubic Zirconia

Suppose you’re a fan of white diamonds. In that case, you may easily find diamond patterns in cubic zirconia that are imperceptible to the naked eye. Indeed, you may wear a cubic zirconia gold designer ring from Vaibhav Jewellers with your choice of clear cubic zirconia ear accessories to complete the appearance. CZ stones retain diamonds’ flawless colourless brilliance and allure while being far less expensive than conventional diamonds. Zirconia stones preserve the beautiful, colourless sparkle and pizzazz of diamonds. Due to their endurance, zirconia has various advantages over diamonds.


Rings in Rose Gold

Rose gold rings reveal an undiscovered allure. They are tranquil, relaxing, and sparkling. They are well-known in Western nations and are rapidly gaining popularity in India. Rose gold is preferred by millennials who like minimalistic design components and basic aesthetics due to its gentle nature and brilliance.


Rings in Two-Tone

Dual-tone rings are a designer’s dream, made with contrasting strokes of white and yellow gold. They come in both men’s and women’s ring sizes—each of our double-tone gold designer rings features abstract motifs that make them stand out.


Rings Made of White Gold

Another significant variation is the white gold ring. In the category of gold ladies gold ring design, they are gaining popularity. They are a close match for platinum rings; diamonds are an excellent fit for white gold rings. White gold rings are frequently studded with diamonds, lending them a tranquil and magnificent appearance.


Bespoke Rings

We have an extensive selection of custom rings, so feel free to browse through our inventory at your leisure. Suppose you want a slightly different ladies gold ring design for yourself. In that case, we can modify any of these designs to meet your specifications. A second option is to design and create a completely unique and customised event ring specifically for you.


Stunning Band Rings

Exactly what it sounds like, a band ring is a basic ladies gold ring design without any stones or other embellishments. This ring type does, however, come in a range of different designs, despite its simplicity. Rings in various shapes and sizes, as well as textured metals, will allow you to express your individuality with pride.


Wedding bands that are Made to Last a Lifetime

A wedding band is a form of a ring that most individuals, men and women alike, will wear at least once in their lifetime. It symbolizes a couple’s lifetime devotion to one another. This gold designer ring is frequently etched with lettering or designs. However, our couple gold bands are stone-set. As you can see, this piece of jewellery lacks a top and has a typical width. The wedding band, with its understated beauty, is frequently chosen as a wedding ring.


Style tip you can try:

Stacking Rings for the Modern Age

Stacking rings are an attractive option for folks who can’t get enough of their bands in their lives. You may transform any ring into a stacking ring from plain ladies gold ring designs to gemstone-encrusted pieces by stacking them together! This method of wearing your rings makes it simple to create your looks uniquely; simply place your preferred bands on to get an immaculate style.

Before purchasing choosing a ladies gold ring design, ensure that you know your ring size. Additionally, contrast the rings with your clothes to improve your appearance.



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