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Eli Manning: Why The Giants Quarterback Deserves To Get Paid!

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Some players are going to get ridiculed no matter what they do. Fairly or unfairly they get a label and they can never seem to shake it.

Tony Romo is one such player, who has actually become a very good NFL QB, but all he will be remembered for is dating Jessica Simpson and fumbling a snap that cost the Cowboys a playoff game.

Eli Manning is another such player. Never mind that he has more Super Bowl Titles than Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Dan Fouts and Aaron Rodgers combined. Never mind that he holds Giants franchise records for most passing yards, touchdown passes and completed passes in a career, and the NFL record for most fourth-quarter touchdown passes in a season.  He will forever be known as Peyton’s little brother and the only player in NFL history with a stranger Manning face than Peyton.

But Eli has also had his issues on the field, 2013 was an especially bad season for the younger Manning as he threw 27 picks and only 18 TD’s. Including a career-high 5 picks against the Seahawks in a Week 15 23-0 loss.

So with all the accolades and peccadilloes the question is, does Eli deserve to be the highest paid QB in the NFL? I think an argument can be made on either side of this coin. Just based on the numbers above I think it can be argued that Manning has done everything asked of a QB, won two Super Bowls and was game MVP, has become the most prolific passer in team history and like him or hate him, his name is synonymous with the team.

Is it his fault that Peyton has more years on him? That Drew Brees signed his extension a few years back? That Tom Brady is getting near the end of his career?

So which passer deserves it more than Eli? Well when he signed his current contract, apparently nobody as he was the highest paid QB in the league. But since then, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers and Cam Newton are all getting more annually than Manning.

Giants owner John Mara said he would like to have something worked out before this season kicks off, but the gap between the two sides remains significant.

Before you all go saying don’t worry about it, he will work something out, he’s going to be a Giant for life, isn’t that what we said about Peyton and the Colts? I am not suggesting anything, I am just saying.

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