Pipe has its origin from Dallas in Texas. The flavor of the tobacco is traditional and people love to smoke this tobacco. There are many options, which let the smokers enjoy smoking. There are many varieties of flavors available for this tobacco pipe and people can buy it at an affordable price. The main flavors in which this pipe is available is smooth, cool mint, and regular. The pipe is available in variety of shapes and sizes and people should buy the one, which suits their health and also smoking habits.

The Red River Tobacco used in this pipe is mainly Virginia and Burley tobacco, which provides a perfect and delightful smoking experience to the smokers. The taste of the tobacco is so good that people will so make it as their favorite. All flavors of this tobacco are packed in a bag whose size is 6 oz to 16 oz. In order to preserve the freshness, the bag is tightly packed. Another reason of this packing is that it prevents the distribution of shake. The bags come with re-sealable pouch, which helps to keep the pipes fresh and ready for usage.

The bag of 6 oz is cheap so people can purchase the small one to try the taste. The body of the pipe is medium and comes with good flavors. It has a traditional and rough tobacco taste and so it is good for experienced smokers. This is so because they are able to handle the harsh after taste of the tobacco.


Global Tobacco LLC in the USA is the manufacturer of this tobacco and people can either purchase the pipe from online retail store or the offline one. This tobacco pipe is easily available in the market and people can purchase it for smoking.

Flavors of Red River Tobacco Pipes

The Red River Tobacco pipe comes with three flavors, which are discussed below.

  • Regular: The Red River Tobacco regular has a full-bodied flavor.

  • Smooth: This pipe has a mellow taste which a little greater than the regular one. People will not find anything harsh during or after smoking.

  • Cool Mint: This pipe has a minty flavor and people love it while smoking.

Health issues while smoking pipes and cigars

There are many health issues that people suffer with due to smoking pipes and cigars. These health issues are discussed below.

Cigars and pipes are as dangerous as cigarettes

People think that smoking cigars is not injurious to health but it is a misconception. Another misconception is that since daily one or two pipes are smoked so that will not have any effect on health. People should know that the amount of tobacco in one cigar is equal to the amount of tobacco present in a whole packet of cigarettes.

He diseases that people suffer from due to smoking cigar is listed here

  • Cancer

  • Lung disease

  • Heart disease

  • Teeth problems


Red River Tobacco  pipes come with good taste and after smoking once it can become the favorite of the smokers. The bag is tightly packed to preserve the freshness. The bags can also be resealed to reserve the freshness.

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