SPOILER ALERT!!! If you don’t wish to know, don’t read any further below OR watch the video clip above.

Does Rick Deckard dream of electric sheep? In other words, is Rick Deckard actually a replicant? This has been hotly debated by fans since Blade Runner first came out, over 32 years ago.

Even Harrison Ford was never completely certain whether he was playing the character was supposed to be human or a replicant.

“I was moved to ask Ridley whether or not he thought that the character I was playing was a Replicant.,” Ford recounted at a 2013 AFI event .“Well, I never got a straight answer. Which is okay, I guess.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Ridley Scott finally reveals the absolute truth about whether Deckard hunted his own kind or not.

When asked to finally settle the debate on the matter, Scott answered, “He is definitely a replicant.” Scott discussed little clues laden throughout the film that should have tipped of the audience, if they paid close enough attention.

One such clue was the unicorn dream sequence that was inserted into the director’s cut of the film.

Scott’s aforementioned ambiguity on the character could have led Ford to play the character very differently. “But I thought it was important that the audience be able to have a human representative on screen, somebody that they could have an emotional understanding of. Ridley didn’t think that was all that important”, said Ford.

Now that it’s official, it begs the question of whether the character of Deckard will be aware that he is a replicant when he appears in the upcoming sequel. It’s a question that will be answered, or maybe not, when the sequel makes its way to the big screen.

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