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Entertainment: The Best Superhero Movies Coming In 2016 (VIDEOS)

If it’s got a cape, they've made a movie about it right? Wrong. The seemingly endless tidal wave of superhero movies shows little sign of slowing any time soon. On the back of the hugely successful Avengers series and it’s many spin-offs, there are some incredible blockbusters coming up in the next year, both from established franchises and some newcomers to the party. Let’s take a look at what you
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Throwback Thursday Movie Review : The Hollywood Knights Is A Raunchy And Hilarious 80’s Gem (VIDEO)

When I was much younger, there was a movie on cable that was featured heavily in night time rotation - especially on the weekends. This was back in the early days of Cinemax, when they showed more independent, foreign, and avant garde films - before they truly began to earn the moniker of "Skinemax". However, they still managed to throw some of those raunchy late night comedies into the mix,
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Entertainment: Why Meghan Trainor Is Music’s Next Big Thing

If you weren't hip to Meghan Trainor before, it might be time to take notice, as the 21-year-old "All About That Bass" songstress, is here to stay. Like many musician's Trainor got her start at a young age, writing songs at the age of 11. She was a member of her High School's local jazz band, and even produced a self-titled album at the age of 15. It wasn't until
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UFC Fight Night 59 Recap: McGregor and Henderson Dominate (VIDEO)

UFC Fight Night 59 delivered on the hype it was built on Sunday night in Boston. A jam-packed crowd rooted on fan favorite Connor McGregor in the main event against Dennis Siver. McGregor was brimming with confidence and for good reason as he had looked impressive in his four prior UFC fights. The Boston crowd--which is known to support anything Irish--supported McGregor as if he was one of their own.
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Dez Bryant Catch Overturned: Was He Robbed In Green Bay? (VIDEO)

GREEN BAY – One week after getting a questionable pass interference non-call, Dez Bryant and the Dallas Cowboys got a taste of football karma in Green Bay during a 26-21 loss to the Green Bay Packers. On a 4th-and-2, and trailing 26-21, the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez hauled in what would have been a potential game-changing play for the Cowboys, only to have it overturned as an incomplete pass. 
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Entertainment: Blade Runner – Ridley Scott Dishes On The Rick Deckard Replicant Debate. (VIDEO)

SPOILER ALERT!!! If you don't wish to know, don't read any further below OR watch the video clip above. Does Rick Deckard dream of electric sheep? In other words, is Rick Deckard actually a replicant? This has been hotly debated by fans since Blade Runner first came out, over 32 years ago. Even Harrison Ford was never completely certain whether he was playing the character was supposed to be human
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Entertainment: American Sniper Official Trailer (VIDEO)

Chris Kyle, also known as "The Devil of Ramadi", was a U.S. Navy SEAL and the most deadly sniper in American military history. Out of over 250 possible kills, 160 have been confirmed. American Sniper tells the story of Kyle's tour of duty in Iraq as his deadly accuracy cements his place as a legend in military history. It also tells the unfortunate, but real struggle of a man who
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Entertainment: The First Official Trailer For Terrence Malick’s Knight of Cups Has Been Released (VIDEO)

There is not much known about the exact premise of Terrence Malick's upcoming film, Knight of Cups. If you were to look on IMDb, you would see a description consisting merely of, "A man, temptations, celebrity, and excess". According to The Hollywood Reporter, Glen Basner's FilmNation will be showing footage of the film in Cannes. That's where foreign distributors, investing in the film, will be able to get their first
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Entertainment: A Glimpse of Madness – Mad Max: Fury Road Official Trailer (VIDEO)

Whether you call him Mad Max, "The Road Warrior", "Raggedy Man" or the "The Man with No Name", one thing is for certain - George Miller's post apocalyptic bad-ass, Max Rockatansky, is back. With the release of this new official teaser trailer, fans can get a sneak peek of the wild and raucous ride that is Mad Max: Fury Road. Miller returns to direct the fourth film in the series