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Entertainment: Can Die-Hard TWD Fans Fall for Fear the Walking Dead?

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It is looking more and more like we might finally get an answer to the question “What is causing the dead to rise up and eat the living?” I am talking of course about the spinoff to the wildly popular (and frankly awesome) spinoff series to The Walking Dead.

For anyone who is not up to speed, AMC ordered (and renewed for a second season) a spinoff to The Walking Dead, the unfortunately named Fear the Walking Dead. But, if we can get past that, I think even purist TWD fanatics may end up liking this series.

In the original, we find a comatose Rick Grimes waking up to a whole new world, where the living fear being eaten by the dead. The second season offered up a few glimpses of what happened in Atlanta just before all infrastructure collapsed, but we never really get to see what happened to cause the epidemic, or what it is like to be in the midst of an urban area, not knowing what is happening, and being confronted by the dead.

Enter Fear, set in L.A., featuring a newly blended family with Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) and boyfriend Cliff Curtis (Travis Manawa) attempting to adjust to life together and unite their teenaged children into a cohesive family unit. While this sounds like a 90’s sitcom, it gets interesting when dead people wake up and start to eat the living. Fear will follow this family as they attempt to escape Los Angeles in order to survive.

I have to say, the trailer looks amazing. I have been a TWD fan for quite some time and there is always that burning “how did it all begin?” in the back of your mind. It remains to be seen if the fans of the original will cross over into this new series, but since Robert Kirkman and the original TWD production team are at the helm, I expect a good fan following for Fear the Walking Dead.

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