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Wherefore art thou, Juliette? A Look Forward To Grimm Season 5

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***Warning: Spoilers! Do not continue if you have not seen the Season 4 Finale of Grimm.

Grimmsters were shocked at the Season 4 finale with the death of two characters; Nick’s (David Guintoli) long-time love interest, Julliette (Bitsie Tulloch), and Nick’s mother Kelly (guest star Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio), whom he had believed was dead since his childhood.

It began with a betrayal. Juliette was still reeling over the fact that reversing Adalind’s spell to turn Nick back into a Grimm had the unwelcomed side effect of turning her into a Hexenbiest. This led her to make a deal with the Royals to betray Nick in order to return the increasingly powerful Diana (daughter of Adalind and Capt. Renard) to the Royal family. Nick’s mother had taken Diana to keep her not only out of reach of the Royals, but also to keep her away from the Resistance, fearing that both sides would keep Diana from having any kind of life.

In Episode 21, Juliette emails Kelly to tell her that Nick is in trouble and that she needs to come right away. Kelly, still feeling guilty for having abandoned Nick while he was a child, leaves right away. When she arrives at the home Nick and Juliette share, it is clear that she is killed, and Diana whisked away by the Royal’s henchmen. The final scene of 21 and the opening of 22, Nick first has to deal with a package the Royal’s left in his living room: his mother’s severed head.

Throughout the episode, Juliette, who has become more and more sinister throughout the season, proves herself to be no longer trustworthy. In the end, she and Nick go head to head in a battle royale, with Nick unable to finish Juliette off. In the end, it’s Trubel who shoots Juliette with a cross-bow, ending Julliette’s reign of terror.

So, what is to become of our favorite characters in this much anticipated Season Five?

Nick and Adalind:

Nick is not only suffering from the losses of Juliette and his mother; he is also dealing with the fact that he is going to be a daddy. While this seems to be something that he has longed for, he must deal with the fact that the mother is Hexenbiest Adalind. Aside from the fact that she had tried to kill him on many occasions, Nick is torn between hating her and loving the child she carries (Adalind had taken on Juliette’s appearance and slept with Nick to take away his powers) and is now carrying Nick’s child. This plotline did not sit well with many of us, but Clair Coffee’s real pregnancy had to be written into the show.

I predict an uncomfortable non-romantic relationship between Nick and Adalind for the sake of the child. Nick has lost so much that perhaps this little bundle is exactly what he needs. It will be difficult for him to put the past behind him, especially considering all the turmoil Adalind has called. It will be interesting to see what the child of a Hexenbiest and a Grimm will manifest.


Poor Monroe and Rosalie. They never can have a full glass of wine. The troubles that began at their wedding have continued throughout the season, including Monroe almost dying at the hands of purist wesen who deemed their inter-species marriage unholy, to Juliette’s transformation, and a bit of an issue with reincarnated Jack the Ripper, living within Capt. Renard. Although they are our favorite Grimm pairing, it is likely that Season 5 will see the end of one of them, with multiple less-than-subtle death references throughout Season 4.

Capt. Renard

Speaking of the esteemed leader of the Portland PD, it seems that Capt. Renard is off of the hook for the murder of three women. Well, he didn’t murder them. When his mother saved his life after he died from gunshot wounds he suffered in the season 3 finale, he brought back an unfortunate hitchhiking soul, none other than Jack the Ripper. The spice shop gang were able to send Jack from whence he came, but the damage had been done, and Sean will suffer for what he has done. Also, seeing as he is the father of Adalind’s first child, what will the revelation that she is pregnant with Nick’s child do to the relationship between Nick and his boss?

The keys:

Does anyone remember them? They were a big part of the plot in the first couple of seasons, but I haven’t seen any references to them. Did they burn up in the trailer?

All in all, look for a dull start to Season 5, as it will likely be spent with Nick coming out of his post-traumatic funk. We do have the birth of a new Grimmster to look forward to.

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