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Entertainment: Can Paul Feig Make The All-Female Ghostbusters Reboot A Success?

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Ghostbusters fans are anxiously awaiting July 22, 2016. That is when Paul Feig’s highly anticipated all-female reboot is set to theaters.

With the recent casting of Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, the film is starting to take shape. However, did Feig and Sony Pictures get it right? It was widely speculated that both Wiig and McCarthy would star in this version of Ghostbusters, as they have both previously worked with Feig in the past.

In fact, McCarthy has worked with Feig on numerous occasions, starring in films such as The Heat and Spy. While Wiig and McCarthy have shown they have great chemistry with each other, it’s the combination of Jones and McKinnon that is the film’s potential wild cards.

Both McKinnon and Jones are fixtures on Saturday Night Live, which at one point had Wiig. Jones and McKinnon are both relatively new to the big screen. While Jones was recently seen in the Chris Rock comedy Top Five and McKinnon was featured in the low budget comedy, Partners.

However, Feig is no stranger in launching the career’s of actresses.

Feig’s claim to fame was Bridesmaids, and the film launched the career of not only Melissa McCarthy, but it helped Kristen Wiig shed the label of Saturday Night Live cast member, and catapulted her into a legitimate Hollywood actress. For this film to work, Feig is going to have pull a Bridesmaids and get a group of talented women to come together and  create something magical.

There is added pressure rebooting such a classic film such as Ghostbusters, but if any director can pull it off, it is Feig. For Ghostbusters to be considered a success, Feig has to make people forget about Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd.

While not an easy task, with a solid core of actresses behind him, Feig will assuredly be up for it.

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