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Indiana Jones: Is Disney Sizing Up Chris Pratt To Don The Fedora?

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Back in 2013, Disney made a deal with Paramount Studios gaining control over the rights to another of George Lucas’ creations, Indiana Jones. Now that Disney owns these rights, it looks like they are going to give Indy the boot…a reboot, that is.

There had been rumors floating around about a possible fifth Indiana Jones movie with Harrison Ford attached to reprise his iconic role. But now it looks like Disney wants Indy to get a fresh start with a new actor wearing the famous fedora.

Many fans would be hard pressed to think of an actor that could take over as Ford’s successor or, if one wishes to be crass, replacement. But Disney seems to think Chris Pratt may be the man to take on such a challenge. After all, he has already played the role of a money motivated space scoundrel, who has a change of heart and becomes a “guardian of the galaxy”.

Now I couldn’t see Pratt hanging with the Amish and raising barns, like Ford did in Witness. But I could see him as a smooth talking, rugged Archeologist who spends his spare time chasing after legendary artifacts.

Aside from his sassy little dance number,¬† Pratt’s opening scene in Guardians of the Galaxy’s appeared to pay homage to Indiana Jones. One might even think that James Gunn already knew about the potential Indy reboot, and was lobbying for Pratt to be considered for the role.

Pratt’s leading man stock has sharply risen following his turn as Peter Quill aka Star Lord. He will be appearing in Jurassic World this summer, and has been cast in Antoine Fuqua’s remake of The Magnificent Seven. Pratt has also been mentioned in connection with an adaptation of the Image Comics property Cowboy Ninja Viking.

As with any casting news that concerns an iconic character, fans can be very resistant to change. Personally, I think that Pratt has already shown he has the chops to take on the role of Indiana Jones. Still, I want to know what my fellow Dr. Jones fans’ opinions are on the matter. Is Chris Pratt the right man for the job or not? Feel free to comment one way or the other about Disney’s potential casting choice.

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