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Entertainment: Kevin Feige Reveals That Spider-Man’s Alter Ego Will Be…

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Okay true believers. Are you ready for this? The Spider-Man that will be featured in Sony and Marvel Studios upcoming films will be… Peter Parker.

Back when Sony and Marvel came together on the deal to share the character, there was plenty of speculation as to whether the studios would move on from Peter Parker and introduce Miles Morales. Of course anyone familiar with Spidey’s involvement in the Civil War story line knows that Peter Parker’s Spider-Man is integral. Therefore, bringing Miles Morales into the fold now would make no sense.

Another aspect that has been common knowledge for months now, is that the studios intend to send the character back to high school.  They want to explore the dynamic of Spider-Man’s alter ego, as he deals with his school and family life while also fighting crime, in more depth than the previous films had.

In an interview with Collider, Kevin Feige said, “we want to play with Spider-Man in the high school years.” Feige went on to give more details about the motivation behind taking the character back to high school.

“Even though there have been five Spider Man films, there’s so many things from the comics that haven’t been done yet. Not just characters, or villains, or supporting characters, but sides to his character. The most obvious being, sort of the ‘young doesn’t quite fit in kid’ before his powers, and then the fellow that puts on a mask, and swings around, and fights bad guys, and doesn’t shut up… and some of my favorite Spider-Man arcs and Spider-Man stories, he’s in high school for a lot of it. And we want to explore that.”

Feige revealed the age for this incarnation of Peter Parker, when he said, “In terms of the age of what we believe Peter Parker is, I’d say 15-16 is right.” So this time around audiences wont be seeing Peter Parker as he’s just about to exit the hallowed halls of Midtown High. Rather he will likely be a freshman or possibly a sophomore.

Now that it’s certain that the Spider-Man that will be coming to the screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Sony’s stand alone series will be Peter Parker, the only question left to be answered is who will play him. Feige was non-committal to the age of the actor who will portray Spidey when he said, “In terms of the age of an actor we’ll eventually to cast, I don’t know.”

Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures better be committed to answering the question of who will play Spidey very soon, since production is set to start on Captain America:Civil War this month.

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