Anyone who has seen the Alien movies is familiar with the standard alien “xenomorph”. Those who have seen Prometheus will remember seeing the “trilobite” alien and the “proto-xenomorph”, also known as “The Deacon”.

Ridley Scott admits that “The Deacon” was “awfully close to the alien” from the Alien franchise that starred Sigourney Weaver.

Scott reveals that the new alien life-form he’s introducing the audience to is going to be quite a bit different, and it likely won’t emerge as a source of torment until the third act of the film.

When Noomi Rapace (Elizabeth Shaw in Prometheus) was asked, during an interview on MTV UK, as to what possible threats she will face in Prometheus 2, she offered up an idea that may on the surface be misconstrued.

“God, maybe? God or [the] Devil. I don’t know. I don’t know where [Ridley Scott’s] gonna take us but I can’t wait to go there.”

This may have been more of a reference to the “Creators” from Prometheus versus the “xenomorphs” of old (or more recently), as the embodiment of God and The Devil.

According to a report from, Scott insists that in Prometheus 2 he will be “getting away from gods and dragons and s#!t. If I see one more dragon I’m going to shoot myself. Stop the dragons.” Dragons being how Scott likes to refer to the iconic “xenomorphs” of the Alien movies.

Even though it’s obvious what Scott would like to move away from with this sequel, he gives very little clue as to what we can expect to see.  All Scott has said is the script is “written (and)…really good”. That’s good enough for me…right now.

Living in a spoiler rich culture as we do, I am happy to know as little as possible about what to expect. Give me a premise, show me a trailer to get the hooks in, but please let me experience the movie without first ruining it.

Ridley Scott’s new look alien is set to run amok when Prometheus 2 comes to theaters on March 4th of 2016.


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