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Entertainment Rumors: Could Marvel Force Sony To Drop Andrew Garfield From Spider-Man?

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It’s no secret Sony is having their fair share of problems lately. With the recent hacking scandal hanging above their heads, the company can simply not afford anymore negative setbacks.

However, the Spiderman conundrum is getting increasingly serious, and it’s possible the studio might lose  it’s monopoly on the film rights to Peter Parker. Marvel/Disney wants Spider-Man in their Cinematic Universe, although they are not playing nicely with Sony.

According to a piece of information obtained from Latino Review, Marvel is not at all interested in giving Sony any of the film’s rights, and will not honor the current stars contracts—most notably Andrew Garfield. What does this all mean for the future of Spiderman?

Based on this, it sounds like fans can certainly expect Garfield to not be returning as Peter Parker, as Disney will likely find their own actor to fill the role.(Hey, didn’t they have interest in Zac Efron at one point?)

We can also expect that the storylines, and new films such as Sinister Six and Amazing Spider-Man 3 might be scrapped in favor of a Marvel Studios-approved film. Latino Review goes on to state that Marvel is not interested in doing another re-boot and will instead introduce Peter Parker as Spiderman.

In addition, any new films under Marvel would focus less on the relationships with characters such as Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy, and more on Peter’s struggles to maintain a normal teenage life as Spiderman.  This report is not confirmed, but the situation is certainly with keeping an eye on.

Although, one thing is certain, it is looking more likely that Spiderman will be in the Cinematic Universe.

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