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Entertainment Rumors: Could Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr. Reunite In Iron Man 4?

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With Marvel’s Phase three lineup set through 2019, there will not be news of future films for some time.  However, that doesn’t mean speculation will stop, and a recent rumor has lit the fire for a potential blockbuster.

While Robert Downey Jr. is busy prepping for the release of Marvel’s new wave of films, he has quietly been devising a wish list for a potential Iron Man solo movie return.

So, what’s at the top of his wish list? Downey Jr. wants none other than Mel Gibson to be a part of the Iron Man franchise.

No, Downey Jr. doesn’t want Gibson to star in the film, but rather direct it. During an interview with Deadline, Downey Jr. sounded exuberant about a possible team-up with Gibson, stating “Why not? That movie would be bananas.”

Downey Jr. has a great relationship with Gibson. The actor has been adamant it was Gibson who came to his aid while he was fighting through his personal demons.

When Downey won the American Cinematheque Award in 2011, he chose Gibson to present the award to him. During his speech, Downey Jr. returned the favor and spoke highly of Mel, whom was also fighting his own life struggles.

“Mel and I have the same lawyer, same publicist and same shrink. I couldn’t get hired and he cast me. He said if I accepted responsibility – he called it hugging the cactus – long enough, my life would take meaning. And if he helped me, I would help the next guy. But it was not reasonable to assume the next guy would be him.”

Of course, the big question is whether Gibson would be willing to take on the role.

During an interview with Extra, Mario Lopez asked Gibson where he stood on the potential team-up, and Gibson responded with the following.

“Of course you know. I’m pretty good at directing. ..I think I got some statues for it..I think I can do it. I think I’m a better director than actor.”

Will Marvel/Disney actually pull the trigger on this project?

As mentioned before, the Marvel movie slate is filled up until 2019, at which point Downey Jr. will be in his mid 50′s. It remains to be seen if he can handle the demands of the role, but after all, he is the hardest-working man in Hollywood, and the chance to work with good friend, Mel Gibson might be too much to pass up.

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