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Entertainment: Prepare for Storage and Shipping Wars on A&E!

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If you’re a fan of A&E’s popular show, Storage Wars then this week has proven to be full of excitement. This past Tuesday, A&E began airing new episodes of this show, which is their second highest-rated series behind Duck Dynasty.

Storage Wars has been a success on A&E since its debut in 2010. The show details the lives of locker buyers, and their attempts to outbid one another and make a profit off of random storage units.

Storage Wars has seen spinoffs in both Texas and New York, but the original California series has always been the most popular amongst its many fans, and like the previous season—which started in March of this year – will be the setting for this new set of shows.

In addition to a familiar backdrop, the show will feature a lot of the same buyers, viewers have grown to adore—or hate.
For the new season, fans will see some familiar faces coming back in Brandi and Jarrod, the storage locker buying power couple, Darrell, and son Brandon, the online and swap meet entrepreneur, Dave Hester, who returns to a full time role after a lengthy hiatus.

Also, Ivy Calvin and Renne will be featured prominently on the show, as will Mary, who was once a fixture on Storage Wars: Texas.
The show has been so successful in fact that a few of its cast members have branched out into other projects for the network. Former buyer, and fan favorite, Barry Weiss was featured on his own series, Barry’d Treasure, and Brandi and Jarrod are the stars of reality show, Married to the Job.

In addition to Storage Wars, A&E is also bringing back Shipping Wars, which is done by the same producers as its sister show. Shipping Wars, which debuts a week later on November 18th, follows a group of professional shippers as they compete to ship unique items across the country.

So, for fans of Storage and Shipping Wars, you better get ready, because your Tuesday nights are about to become the best part of your week.

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