By John Valentina

Love in Disney movies is always so perfect. In real life, things sometimes aren’t as easy and over the years Disney movies have made us long for finding someone just as special in our own lives. The love can be between frogs, lions, or foxes but it’s still all so relatable!

This infographic from Valentina Fine Diamonds looks at some of the most memorable Disney couples and one classic tale is that of Maid Marian and Robin Hood. Even though they met when they were younger; it was when Robin Hood tried to rob Maid Marian and her guards that they truly connected. Maid Marian was brave enough to challenge Robin Hood to a dual when he tried to steal her gold and from there they got to know each other!

Not all couples need to live on land in Disney movies and the story of Ariel and Eric involves creatures from both land and sea. It is Ariel who saves Eric’s life when his ship catches on fire and she drags him to shore and sings to him. Ariel is so beautiful in the movie that it is easy to see why he instantly fell in love with her – saving his life wasn’t a bad start either!

One of the most iconic Disney moments is when Lady shares with Tramp and the connection they make is really amazing. Lady is run out of her home by her owner’s trouble making cats and it is Tramp who rescues her. The scene of them sharing spaghetti and meatball dinner at Tony’s Restaurant is probably one of the most well-known Disney moments.

The great thing about Disney movies is that they teach us how we should act with compassion and it isn’t only children who take lessons from these stories.

See the full infographic now and maybe check out some of these movies again on your next lazy Sunday afternoon.

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