Today I came across a viral story about a man who felt the need to make unwanted and unwarranted comments towards a group of women. What was his reasoning? His belief that they were wearing bikinis that he deemed “pornographic.”

His reasoning for the comments were even more absurd as he stated it was due to “righteous anger” and “boldness by the Holy Spirit.” Truly that is not the reason he said anything. It is actually because he is a man and he felt entitled to say something.

We all know if there were a group of men out in Speedos he was not going to say a word. Yet there truly is no difference between that and a bikini. Of course he said “it’s a lot different.”

Interestingly enough this man later confirmed his identity. Which isn’t surprising. He even said he felt the need to “defend and protect young eyes.” Since he supposedly got exposed to “pornography at a young age.” That somehow “destroyed him.”

Even more hilarious is that he felt the need to say “I’m not going to apologize.” Then again I doubt those women want to hear from him regardless.

Men, simply put you have no control over a woman’s body. Please stop saying anything and if you get offended by a woman’s body, move. Whether it is at the beach, a swimming pool, river, lake, etc…Keep your mouth shut. No one needs to hear it. Honestly no one needs to hear your misogyny.

What this truly reminded me of was the story on the study of medical professionals that got the hashtag #medbikini trending.

I want to say is this. Bikinis and swimming suits are not pornographic. Nudity is not pornographic. Art is not pornographic. The only thing his response does if he has a young daughter is cause self-esteem and body issues. So with that men I urge you to watch your words carefully. You never know what they might hear and how it will affect them in the future.

As for the women this man said something to. I apologize that we still live in a society where men believe they have the right to say something when they should not. You deserved better. Men we need to call out individuals like that. There is no place for it.

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