The healthcare sector has always had a history of producing high amount of annual revenue when compared to other industries, traditionally ranking near the top of the highest grossing business categories in all regions.

When most people think of healthcare they associate the field with hospitals and clinics, but there are so many other niches and business types that are expected to experience exponential growth, including but not limited to the following five:

1. Mobile Phlebotomist

This is an ideal career path for anyone who likes the idea of working on a freelance basis, but keep in mind that you’ll have to go through the necessary schooling and training to obtain certification before you can get started. Fortunately, you can complete this training online using sites like Every healthcare business will come with a learning curve, but in exchange, this one provides the advantage of having plenty of job opportunities wherever you go.

2. Therapeutic Services

Therapeutic services like physical therapy, massage therapy, or chiropractic therapy are always great businesses to start, with ideal annual revenue stats and an abundance of opportunities in populous areas. Furthermore, in this field, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your practice is having a direct impact on patient’s quality of life and recovery. Assisting the healing process while also running a lucrative business is a great feeling, and it’s what makes therapeutic services a continually growing field in healthcare.

3. Diet and Nutrition Practice

If you’d rather help clients fix their diets and heal gradually via optimal nutrition, you may want to become a nutritionist or dietician. With the growing population battling obesity and chronic disease, the healthcare industry needs more professionals who are knowledgeable about diet and nutrition, as well as services that bring this information and guidance to patients. Thus, by starting your own diet and nutrition-related practice or freelance business, you’ll be “fighting the good fight” while also entering into a space that has a high demand for new services.

4. Fitness-Related Services

Similar to diet and nutrition, fitness related services or becoming a personal trainer will put you in a position to help others get back in shape while earning a desirable living in the process. Of course, being in great shape yourself is kind of prerequisite for entry into this field, as not many people will want to take advice from a personal trainer who is quite obviously out of shape themselves. If fitness interests you and you’re looking for a way to get into healthcare, you might as well choose something that you already enjoy doing.

5. Midwifery

Although most midwives are women, there are some male midwives as well, as there aren’t any rules against it. Midwives make a lot of money per job and the required work involved doesn’t consume as much time as other careers, as you’ll only be working while proving preliminary guidance to clients and, of course, while facilitating the birthing process.

Finding Clients and Will Be Paramount

Regardless of the kind of healthcare business you choose to start, the common theme is that you’ll need to locate ideal employers/clients to ensure that you always have a desirable workload laid out for you. Luckily, the above sectors tend to have a low unemployment rate, so with the proper credentials in hand, you should have no problem staying gainfully employed, especially after you’ve gained some experience in your field.

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