By Amina Spencer

Yoga enthusiasts, both the novice and the ardent yoga students, benefit from owning useful accessories. There are essential items, plus other accessories that make the experience more enjoyable.

Here are five of the hottest new yoga accessories you need to own.

A Hot New Yoga Mat

Yoga enthusiasts appreciate that owning a good mat is indispensable. There are a number of pretty colors available, but a hot idea is to make a statement with your yoga mat design. Of course, materials and workmanship used in manufacturing the mat are of foremost importance.

You could use a DVD to help you learn the moves, but you’ll need a good mat to enjoy your yoga experience. You can find information related to such materials and other yoga-related products on one of the best review websites. The best yoga mats are high quality, non-slip material that is suede covered for ultimate comfort. The mat doubles as both a mat and a towel.

In addition to being functionally practical, there are blends of spectacular color designs. These colorful yoga mats are reversible, machine washable and made of 100% biodegradable materials. This type of mat is excellent for novice yoga enthusiasts, or those who enjoy generating an intense sweat in hot yoga, or a Pilates class.

A Multipurpose Yoga Bag

One you’ve decided on the perfect yoga mat for your needs, you’ll have to tote it. While there are yoga mat straps you can buy separately, they only carry secure your mat. There aren’t any pockets, or ways to carry things if you use only a mat strap.

However, a multipurpose yoga bag gives you some hot options. There are colorful yoga bags which will hold your yoga mat, plus has accessory pockets to carry personal items. Most include an interior pocket perfectly shaped to hold a water bottle.

There will also be one or more outside pockets for other necessities you need to carry with you to yoga class. Another neat feature is when the shoulder strap can be used for double-duty. You can quickly unhook the strap and it becomes a stretching strap for your workout.

Yoga Blocks

There are dozens of ways to use yoga blocks. They have practical benefit for both beginners and yoga experts. Yoga blocks help with an assortment of simple and difficult yoga poses. Experienced yoga participants can perform a number of specialized exercises.

Lightweight foam blocks are great for travel, and they have a number of practical uses. To be extra eco-friendly, you might consider yoga blocks made out of bamboo. These are durable, but they don’t offer the same level of comfort when used as a back support.

The beginner can start with a recycled foam block and then spend a little more for bamboo once they master yoga block techniques. If you’re already an avid yoga expert, you can add this hot yoga accessory with confidence. Yoga blocks are a hot accessory to add.

Yoga Wheels

Stretching and holding difficult poses are an important part of beginner and advanced yoga. To help you expand your yoga experience, another hot accessory to own is a yoga wheel. You can use a yoga wheel to practice difficult moves like spine alignment and muscle relaxation.

Yoga wheels are also very helpful if you’re recovering from an injury. They can be used to reduce the strain on various body joints. Yogis can incorporate a yoga wheel into dozens of different poses, including very difficult ones.

The beginner will find a wheel helpful in mastering simple stretching moves, while the yoga expert can use a wheel to tilt into a very difficult handstand. No matter what level of yoga you enjoy, a hot accessory to add to your equipment list is a yoga wheel.

Yoga Bolster

Another very useful yoga prop accessory is a bolster. Some beginners employ a normal pillow. However, they are not the same as a yoga bolster. While a yoga bolster is like a big body pillow, it is much firmer. They are either rectangular or circular shaped.

A yoga bolster is frequently a part of prenatal yoga. They are also beneficial accessories for injury rehab and linear yoga instruction. However, one of the most useful aspects of a yoga bolster is for relaxation techniques. There are large pillows, and smaller tube-shaped options.

They are more than just a pillow to rest your head or body upon. A yoga bolster will give you the needed support, so you can do dozens of moves safely. There are so many ways a yoga bolster can be used. They are a hot accessory for every yoga enthusiast to own.


These are five yoga accessories that every yoga enthusiast needs to own. A good mat is essential and a carrying bag very practical. Blocks, wheels and bolster pillows are items that can help you move your yoga experience to a new level. These are five items that are great for beginners or advanced yoga experts.

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