With summer now in full swing and people being out in about on summer vacation getting a tan, surfing, out on the beach, laying poolside or even at the old ballpark or the neighborhood pub watching the FIFA World Cup 2018, there is no shortage of opportunities to go out and have some fun.

Regardless, summer is a chance to feel “free” to relax one’s normal inhibitions, to make you feel at peace with a renewed sense of energy, fun and relaxed at the same time. With everyone looking to live their own life and their style in how they wish to live it, various luxury brands such as Burberry, Calvin Klein and Nautica convey a certain look and feel. You have noted luxury websites such as Helen Cummins’ Luxury Lifestyle, xameliax.com and VivaLuxury as notable blogs that provide a sense of luxury and lifestyle, here is why Borgiott may be the coolest new lifestyle brand to watch for this summer.

Founded in 2015 by Philadelphia-born CEO/modelpreneur and BT Lenspro Clothing, Britt Ogonofski, the Tampa-based lifestyle brand offers a selection of body sprays including Suited Attraction, Citrus Paradise, Blue Space for men and Aloha Coca and their self-titled Signature Body Spray.

Borgiott also offers footwear such as the Miss Jet Set Pump Stilettos for $175, fashion accessories the Santorini Bandana Scarf for $40.00 and hair scents—also in Citrus Paradise and Aloha Coca—for $18.00 that are currently on back order. Borgiott also offers a VIP section, which allows you to sign up for the latest news, updates and special deals and discounts.

With the need for more lifestyle apparel in the lifestyle multi-billion dollar industry pie, there is plenty of room for growth in an upcoming brand such as Borgiott that clearly has an eye towards luxury and making a consumer feel like they are away on vacation in the lap of luxury.

In an age and industry that is all about projecting, image and branding are vital in today’s social media age of marketing. As their tag line states, Smell Good, Look Good, Feel Good.

And Borgiott is a breath of fresh air. Look no further than their Instagram account, and you will see why.

In a quick fire series of questions since her recent Glamour Girl! Q and A here at INSCMagazine, I touch base with Britt to ask her what first inspired her to create Borgiott, what kind of image that it projects and conveys to consumers and where she sees it going in the next 3-5 years.

Three Quick Questions with Borgiott CEO, Britt Ogonofski

Social Media Links: Website: www.borgiott.com  | Instagram: @borgiott

What first inspired you to create Borigott? I wanted to be a philanthropist

What do you hope your brand conveys in terms of image, lifestyle, etc? A classy travel /vacation brand like a vacation style, Gucci, to make you feel like you do on vacation

Where do you see Borigott in the next 3-5 year’s? I see Borgiott in (and) on the runway and having my own store!

Special thanks to Ms. Britt Ogonofski and Borgiott for their time and assistance during this feature.

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