Photo: Paola Carleo

It’s 6am, you’re in a hurry to leave for work, you’re running late, you didn’t hit the snooze button on time, and now you’re behind schedule. You need your usual pick-me-up of caffeine to keep you vertical for the early morning commute.

There are the usual suspects, Five-Hour energy, regular coffee, Monster energy or even Starbucks’ espresso drink. But what if you need a real shot of espresso and you happen to see your brand-spanking new Nespresso machine beckoning you to brew you up a quick cup of morning joe.

So, you fire up your Nespresso in your swank modern-day Millennial bachelor pad and pop on your over-priced 4K UHD television only to see a commercial featuring a stunningly stupid-hot Latin woman doing the tango with Danny Devito and the uber-suave George Clooney.

You don’t know who this woman is during the commercial, but afterwards, you are hitting up Google faster than you can say, “woman in Nespresso commercial..”

Stop. Let me tell you her name, Gemma Marin.

Photo: Paola Carleo

Marin, a Spanish actress and dancer from the city of Valencia, is known internationally for “La paella” and “Les falles”. Since a very early age, she was constantly acting and dancing in front of her family and friends. At the age of two, she stood up on a stage for the first time. Her siblings, Suso and Olga, shared the same love for acting. This passion has been always encouraged and supported by her parents, who have stressed the importance of work ethic and moral values.

When Gemma was 12 years old, she began competing professionally in Ball Room Contests. Five years later, she was cast to dance with the internationally known singer, Manolo Escobar.

While dancing professionally, she started her nursing career in Medical School. When attending college, she booked a role in the regional TV show “Negocios de Familia”. This experience had a big impact on her and she realized that her dream and vocation was to become a movie star. This was the beginning of her successful acting career. Gemma moved to Madrid and began taking acting lessons with Raquel Perez and Juan Codina.

Photo: Paola Carleo

In the following years, she combined her dramatic arts studies with her nursing job and dancing vocation. She was hired by Sunny Singh’s dance company, which toured Spain for two years.

Her devotion for acting was growing more and more every time she performed a new role. She worked for national prime time TV Shows like Aida, “La que se Avecina”, and “Amar en Tiempos Revueltos”, among others. In 2012, Gemma debuted on the big screen, starring in the romantic comedy Stuck to your pillow alongside her brother, Suso Marin. The distribution of this film in the States took Gemma to the next level in her career.

Photo: Paola Carleo

At this moment, she decided to move to Los Angeles, the epicenter of the motion picture industry. In less than two years in the city of stars, she has worked with movie stars such as Clooney and Devito when she was cast to be in the first national commercial that Gorgeous George was doing for Nespresso in the US. She’s been in the TV Show “Betrayed” produced by Kevin Spacey, which is being watched in so many different countries, among others.

While some coffee drinkers may know her as the woman who tangoed is perhaps better known for her viral video that went all over the world, when she was dancing pregnant with her first daughter. She is known as the pregnant dancer!

Millions of people have enjoyed this video, and still today, 2 years later, Facebook, Instagram and Magazines are still reposting it.

Nowadays, Gemma finds herself back into her career with many amazing projects. She is starring in the short film “CURED” directed by Gabriel Villanueva, and has been selected already in a huge known Festival (we can’t say the name yet). She doesn’t stop participating in different comedic sketches for social media. As well, she is about to begin a Talk Show Live in her Instagram Channel, where she will be talking about different matters related with women, motherhood and parenting.

So, next time you’re running late for work and need some energy and motivation, grab that cup of espresso, and be sure to think of Marin while you’re at it! Cheers!

Special thanks to Silvia Kal, SGG Public Relations and Gemma Marin for their assistance with this feature. Images courtesy of Paola Carleo and used with permission

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