Harmony Aaliyah Jakie is a 15-year-old Singer, Actress, and Model from Melbourne Australia. Her passion for singing and acting all started from the moment she could talk. According to Harmony’s parents, she would always sing and hum to any music that was playing.

She started singing lessons at 8 years old with her current vocal coach named Cassandra Ame after being told by many people she had a beautiful and unique singing voice, singing became her passion and her chosen career path. According to Harmony, she would spend so many hours in her room singing, playing guitar and piano, and perfecting her talent. Even if it annoys her little sisters Aaliyah and Destiny. She cannot help but sing 24/7 it’s what she truly loves.

Recently, Harmony was interviewed by Honk Magazine’s Reporter, about her career path, influence, and the person who helped her get to where she is right now. She also shares a story about that. This is what she had says, This would definitely, have to be my amazing vocal coach of 7 years, Cassandra Ame, through all of my singing adventures she has coached me all the steps of the way. Cassandra has helped me improve my singing and made me the performer, artist, and songwriter I am today”.

Cassandra is not only a talented artist herself but the best mentor/coach a person can have always made sure she gets the best advice and opportunity to further Harmony’s career. The music industry is a lot more technical and hard work. People may think singers and performers have it easy, but turns out most of the time it takes great dedication and being committed. Understanding music notes, scriptures, and pieces can take years to perfect, but it is a very important skill to have in the music industry.

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