New USDA Guidelines

The New USDA Guidelines for 2020-2025 have been released stating what people need to eat and how to meet people’s nutritional requirements. It helps Americans in making millions of food choices every day. The first-ever inclusion of guidelines for pregnant women has been a phenomenal change. The guidelines have been prepared for pregnant women and infants of 0 to 24 months. Likewise, early allergen introduction has been advised to prevent food allergies in babies.. 

Things you should know about the New USDA Guidelines

  • The guidelines are titled “Make every bite count.”

The guidelines specifically ask to cut down on the sugar intake. Besides, for the average American, sugar’s daily consumption is more than 13% of their energy intake. The 5 year USDA guidelines have added to limit sugar intake by around 10% of calories in a day. For instance, if you take 2,000 calories in a day, work for 200 calories for sugar. 

  • Prioritizing the need for nutrient-rich foods

On average, 85% of the calories in foods that people eat are rich in nutrients. Secondly, the guidelines have asked people to meet up with the recommended nutrient levels and food group recommendations. Furthermore, only a tiny number of added sugars, say 15% remain for the sugars and saturated fats. 

  • It fails to address the problems of alcohol consumption adequately

The advisory committee has recommended all Americans who drink limit alcohol to just 1 glass to decrease cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The committee has also pointed out that there has been an increase in death due to alcoholic liver disease. The Federal Government has not given much importance to these points, thus failing to address the issue adequately. The topics are yet taken from the previous guidelines for limiting alcoholic beverages to 2 or fewer drinks in a day for men and 1 drink. 

  • Recommendations included for the first time for toddlers and infants

Early allergen introduction in toddlers and infants helps to prevent them from developing common food allergies. Secondly, it advises feeding breast milk for at least 6 months without the addition of sugar. This guideline has helped prevent infants from falling ill as so many products like cereals, yoghurts, snacks are targeted to this group loaded with sugar. There has been no addition to “no added sugar label” for the infants, but that was necessary as well. 

  • The guidelines are provided to lactating mothers and the phases of pregnancy.

The new USDA Guidelines have been provided across all stages of adulthood. Further, it has been organized into separate chapters for each stage of life. The idea is that it is never too late to eat anything healthy, and you can start at any age. More food allergy resources are brought to notice with expectant mothers. 

  • Emphasizing changing to a healthy lifestyle

The guidelines emphasize combining food choices and beverages, making up for the whole diet. Besides, it’s not just focused on single foods or eating in isolation. Research has shown that ongoing patterns like eating habits have changed over the months and years. This has been having the most significant impact on the health of people. 

Quick review on the new USDA Guidelines 2020-2025:

  • Focusing on a healthy dietary pattern at the stage of life
  • Customize to enjoy a nutrient-rich diet by including beverages and food choices based on budgetary considerations and targets. 
  • Focusing on meeting the food groups filled with nutrient-rich foods for staying without the calorie limits. 
  • Limit the foods and beverages high in added sugars having high rich saturated fats and sodium. Also, it’s crucial to limit alcoholic beverages. 


Eat more fruits and vegetables, whole grains and limit the calorie intake as much as possible. Besides, you can enjoy eggs, and it is okay to have 3 to 5 ounces of drip coffee per day. There is no start on espresso shots, but if you are a coffee addict, you can sip it easy. The new USDA Guidelines are made for making lives better for people. Follow it and live a healthy lifestyle. 

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