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After an exciting season, it is fair to say that the interactive show CONFETTI MÉXICO has become one of the most successful shows of the streaming service FACEBOOK WATCH, breaking rating records on the platform.

According to FORBES, the streaming channel has more than 400 million viewers per month, and 75 million people watch at least one video on the Facebook platform a day. Outperforming any other show in the same genre (and same streaming channel), Confetti Mexico has broken the audience record in Mexico, reaching more than eight hundred thousand viewers per episode.

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For those who have not had the opportunity to enjoy Confetti Mexico from the comfort of their home, this show, hosted by the beautiful María Elena Anaya (contestant on the NUESTRA BELLEZA LATINA show from UNIVISION), asks ten questions from Mexican and Universal history to several contestants who can simply participate by using their cellphones. Whoever answers the ten questions correctly, wins a life-changing prize.

This show’s quality is not surprising if we consider who its main writer is, the winner of the EXCELLENCE AWARD FOR THE BEST WEB SERIES in the prestigious ACCOLADE GLOBAL FILM COMPETITION, Guillermo Noriega.

Also, known for his essential role as a screenwriter in the highly anticipated film BACK TO LYLA, Guillermo joined Confetti Mexico in 2018. Noriega quickly established himself as the show’s head writer, and it has been Guillermo’s exceptional skill in creating scripts that include satirical and accurate observations about today’s Mexican culture, the reason Confetti has reached such a high level of popularity and recognition.

Photo: Fernanda Guadarrama

Born in Mexico City, Guillermo moved to Los Angeles in 2015 and has since cultivated a highly successful and impressive career in the film and television industry. Starting with his stint at another streaming giant, YOUTUBE ORIGINALS, Guillermo participated as a Development Associate in the production of a variety of successful shows such as WAYNE (written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the scribes behind the worldwide hit DEADPOOL), SOBREVIVÍ (starring Sofía Niño De Rivera, the star comedian of the Netflix special NATURAL SELECTION), and WEIRD CITY (a series co-created by Academy Award-winning writer Jordan Peele).

After collaborating with Youtube Originals, Guillermo triumphed on several film festival circuits with two of his most renowned pieces, THE BAILEY SOCIETY, and AMERICAN PAROUSIA. With The Bailey Society, Guillermo received more than six excellence awards, including the JURY AWARD FOR BEST WEB SERIES in the TOP SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL. This victory deserves to be highlighted if we consider the prestige level of the festival (included in the TOP 10 ranking of the best film festivals according to specialized critics: Motion Array, Variety, IMDB, Independent Shorts Magazine), and the respected group of judges that made the call. Led by a professional of the stature of Ronn Kilby (the renowned producer and editor awarded the EMMY award more than fifteen times in his entire career), Guillermo’s victory in the Top Shorts Film Festival is short to majestic.

In addition to his incredible work at Confetti Mexico, Noriega also spearheaded another high-level project last year. His award-winning feature film script BACK TO LYLA became a truly outstanding film, attracting today’s best international and juvenile actors. Starred by Gonzalo Martin, the winner of a BRITISH ACADEMY OF FILMS AWARD (BAFTA) in the BEST PERFORMANCE IN A MAIN ROLE category, this production has gathered a stellar cast. It is rare that in our industry, a film manages to bring together so many celebrities of this caliber. Undoubtedly, a merit that was only achieved thanks to Guillermo’s script.

Photo: Fernanda Guadarrama

Directed by the brilliant America Young, a director of the critically acclaimed series BLINDSPOT (NBC) and LEGACIES (CW), the cast starring in Back To Lyla includes actors of the stature of Mara Escalante, one of the most recognized actresses in Latin America (Her great experience in improvisation led to HBO Olé and Paramount Comedy Spain broadcasting their one-man show), Emma Kenney (star of Showtime’s ten-season series SHAMELESS and the highest-rated show on ABC channel, THE CONNERS), Hassie Harrison (star of North American channel True Tv’s comedy TACOMA FD), and Chris Lee (an essential member of the cast of CW’s most popular show, LEGACIES).

Back To Lyla’s release is estimated to be at the end of 2020. It’s worth mentioning that the production has already attracted the attention of several international publications thanks to the intense coverage it has had in the most relevant media outlets in Mexico, including articles in EXCELSIOR, and CINE PREMIERE (Mexico’s biggest newspaper and film magazine, respectively).

Guillermo has managed to build an exceptional career in the industry, and much of this is due to his participation in the project that has had a larger audience: Confetti México. Unlike other shows of the same genre, Confetti México has moved away from a traditional format and has evolved into a show full of special guests, endearing characters, and a fascinating improvisational comedy. Noriega has unquestionably brought a level of elegance to Confetti that is not customary to see in this medium. His experience as a creative in Mexico and a professional in the United States have brought qualities to his writing that no other artist can match.

Photo: Fernanda Guadarrama

Guillermo’s writing has a versatility that we couldn’t find in anyone else. He is a hilarious content creator, and his sensitivity at the time of addressing such relevant issues in Mexican society makes him unique in his class,” said Confetti Mexico showrunner Daniel Cubillo.

Counting with producers like Alejandro Treviño (MARVEL’S OFF THE RACK), a showrunner with the experience of Daniel Cubillo (THE VOICE KIDS, GRAN HERMANO, GRAN HERMANO VIP), and having a creative genius like Lorenzo Parro (CO-HEAD WRITER), Guillermo Noriega not only adapted and contributed to a demanding level of excellence, but he managed to take the reins of the writing in the show and take it to a whole different level.

More programs like Confetti Mexico are needed in the panorama created by streaming channels. We need programs that not only invite us to laugh, but also to learn. Confetti has managed to connect with a very sacred part of Mexican society… Its curiosity. Thanks to its innovative proposals and light humor, this show has had the participation of actors as renowned as George López, and celebrated singers as Jesse and Joy.

Congratulations to Guillermo for such an inspiring job as the show’s lead writer, and congratulations to Confetti Mexico for becoming the top-rated show on Facebook Watch!



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