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Fall Décor That Has Multiple Uses

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A little briskness in the morning air is a tell-tale sign that fall is here. Everything from retail store displays to coffee shop menus are being updated to welcome the season that has become synonymous with cozy, friendly gatherings. A change in the season is also a great reason to change up the décor in your home and add an elegant fall feel. Here are some easy ways to give your home a facelift.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Fallen branches, leaves and pinecones are a gift to the home decorator. Take these elements to bring nature into your home in beautiful and creative ways. Based on your style and skill level, you may be as simple or elaborate as you choose.

Collect fall foliage and use it as filler for vases or mason jars. You might also design something to display on tables and shelves. Have fun with turning free materials into something spectacular.

Add Some Spice to Your Furniture

You can keep your décor largely the same and make a statement by changing out the throw pillows on your sofa. Although you might opt for brown tones, you’re not limited to them for fall. Think of bright colors such as vibrant orange, deep yellow and rich red to signal fall.

Playing with texture is another way to refresh your space. Velvet, cable knit and wool are some of the materials that have a cozy look and feel.flame-fire-candles

Create Cozy Ambiance

One word: candles. The glow alone creates a feeling of comfort and intimacy. If you burn scented candles, you can fill your space with wonderful smells of the season – fragrant berries or baked treats. Scents are known to affect people’s moods. Choose a scented candle that helps you feel a sense of happiness and comfort.

Make a DIY Centerpiece

There’s something gratifying about creating something yourself. It can reflect as much of your personality and creativity as you choose. What better place to display your personality and creativity than in your own home?

For fall, try making a centerpiece for your table that displays apples, foliage, candles or whatever you see as a beautiful reflection of the season.

Hang a Tapestry

When something is a classic, it has stood the test of time. Few things say classic elegance the way a tapestry does. Tapestries originated in France around the 1300s and still have a presence in beautifully decorated homes today. Choose one that reflects the colors of the season. Hanging a tapestry is a more subtle way to incorporate a theme than some other decorative pieces.


Use Food as Art

The number of ways to decorate with pumpkins is amazing. If you have a local pumpkin patch, head out for a fun family outing and pick up pumpkins of all sizes while you’re there.

If you want to get straight to the decorating, your local grocery store is sure to have bins of pumpkins and other gourds to choose from. You may find some beautifully colored dried corn, too. Because pumpkins have a long shelf life, you can later carve them into jack-o-lanterns or make a delicious dish.

Pile on the Layers

As the weather cools down in many places, it presents the perfect opportunity to pick a comfortable spot and curl up inside. Adding throws to bed, sofas and chairs will create a layer of softness to your space and provide extra warmth to anyone wanting to relax by the fireplace or enjoy a movie.

Put Out the Baskets

Baskets made of natural fibers such as wicker or seagrass create a rustic feel. Not only are they practical storage spaces that can hold anything from remote controls and magazines to firewood, they also help bring the color and texture of the outdoors inside.


Don’t Forget the Curb Appeal

For a beautiful and simple way to warm up your porch, patio or doorway, fill pots and planters with seasonal flowers. Add a fall container garden to your entryway for major impact. Whether you limit your seasonal decorating to the outside of your home or continue into the inside, guests will appreciate this nod to fall as they enter.

Keep It Classy

With so many great ideas to make your home reflect the fall season, it can be hard to choose what you’ll incorporate. Be careful to not overdo it. Too many themed accents can take your home from classy and cozy to looking like a country store.
Decide which spaces you’d like to refresh and pick your favorite decorating ideas. Strategically selected updates will bring the spirit of the fall season into your home.

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