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Family, Work, and Personal Life: 7 Ways Moms Balance Everything

By Barrack Diego

There is no denying this. Motherhood is the toughest yet the most rewarding job ever.

However, to get through your toughest days, there are hurdles that you must cross.  A lot of patience and hard work, persistence and more patience is needed to get work done at home, in the workplace, and your sanity.

Though difficult, several moms have worked through it and they credit their dainty and sexy looks to following the following tips:

Having light mornings: Mornings are the craziest in homes. However, to avoid and to manage the craze, you should settle most things the night before.

Get your clothes and your children’s clothes and shoes set out at night, pack all the lunches, create a to-do-list for the next day, clean the kitchen, and decide what will be eaten at breakfast.

Letting go of the guilt: Every mother suffers from guilt. You wonder if you are giving your work more time and neglecting your kids. Rather than dwelling on the guilt when you have to work for your kids to eat, you should focus your efforts on working harder and smarter to give your kids a good education.

Family calendar: The only way you will be able to get things done is by having a clear schedule with dates and people working on the tasks. Create and organize a color coded calendar with all your due bills, family, work and school events, birthdays, etc. This will ensure that you get all activities done.

This can be simplified by synchronizing your calendar with Google and activating the notifications. This can also be updated easily. It is even better when the whole family is involved.

Get cleaning help: You are a supermom, but you need help frequently. One of the biggest hurdles for every mom has to be cleaning. Instead of going crazy over weekly cleaning and vacuuming, get expert help. House cleaning – King of Maids ensures that you have nothing to worry about the house. All the rooms will be cleaned, beds made, dishes cleaned and basically all the dust removed. This way, you won’t have to worry about it.

Find a childcare center: If you have small kids, then you will need to find a reliable childcare/babysitting services around you. Get recommendations from your family, friends, and colleagues for the best childcare center close to you.

Get enough sleep: When you have a lot to do, you work best with a schedule.

Your schedule should be timestamped to ensure that you get at least 6 or 7 hours of sleep every night. It is called beauty sleep for a reason.

Sleep time presents the perfect chance for your cells to rejuvenate, your memories to be storedaway, and your body to rest. Cortisol levels are high at night, and sleep helps in regulating cortisol ensuring that the levels are low when you awaken and you feel less stressed. You will be more productive when you sleep.

Workout: Even with your busy schedule, you should fix in some workout time.

Working out for 15 minutes daily keeps you fit and happier due to endorphins released. If your kids are grown, you can do simple workout routines with them.

In conclusion, you stay healthy and sane when everything is done right. By scheduling time for all your activities, you will be able to sleep well, cook, and eat healthy food, and maybe even fix some time to work out and remain youthful.



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