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Women: Trash Your Wedding Dress, Yes, I Mean It!

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By Matthew Jade

Marriage is considered as nothing but sweet, a union of two people who are assumed to stay in love with each other until their last breath, a match made in heaven.

There are many such adorable analogies marriage is usually compared with.  Not all marriages last this long and most don’t turn out to be a perfect union, but a mistake.

There is a lot of compromise involved in marriage and sometimes things don’t turn out to be fairytale-perfect for most couples and they opt for a divorce.

Whether or not you are the one asking for a divorce, be prepared for a major shift in your life. The entire divorce episode can be difficult to handle if there are kids involved. The numbers too, are alarming enough to give you an idea and a feeling that why people do marry.

Here is a detailed statistical representation of different counties in the New York with highest divorce rates. But, overall New York is performing quite well when it comes to its comparison with other states and is currently ranked third among the ones with lowest divorce rates.

At times things might take an ugly turn that you end up hating yourself for marrying that guy. While plotting for your ex’s murder in your head, several times a day; you come up with ideas to unleash your pent up anger in some way or the other.

For most women these ideas remain a hypothesis and are never implemented.

You obviously shouldn’t go about screaming with an axe in your hand, murdering your ex with it, but a few harmless ideas like buying a punch bag or joining a fight club etc. can actually help you cope up with the post-divorce metamorphosis.

Realizing the need for venting out your unsaid feelings or bringing out the inner vengeance in some way or the other women need to grab hold of their belonging that is most significantly linked to your marriage.

Recently, many young divorced women and moms have taken up to a new challenge known as “Trash your dress,” though it was earlier linked to newly married couples, trashing their dresses together for a photo shoot, or just like an event in Port Byron, NY earlier this year where the girls came out wearing those heavy dresses doing this, or the ones destroying their dresses- all in the name of art but the divorced women have taken this challenge to a whole new level.

So here are a few ideas to trash your dress the right way and get rid of the emotions, feelings and memories attached to it.

Caution: For many, their adoring wedding dress worn on a destination wedding is the best thing ever happening to their lives so trash it at your own risk but trust me, even the sorrow you experience after the whole trash your dress thing would be sweet.

1.) Be Vengefully Creative: For Sarah, the whole post-divorce period wasn’t easy, she was always depressed and angry, and so she needed to get that all out of her system. She remembered how her wedding dress was bought by her husband and she pretended to be happy about it when she wasn’t quite pleased with the dress.

Her husband would always make fun of her if she ever wore a knee length dress, telling her; little dresses are not for her. So what she did was get her designing skills to work and made an adorable white day dress out of her not-so-favorite wedding dress.

The best thing about this wedding dress turned day dress was, everyone loved it on her and all she received were adoring compliments.

Similarly, Sasha toned down the embellishments and all on her dress and wore it as bridesmaid dress and at many other occasions. You can even make a scarf out of it, just get in touch with your creative instinct to guide you and bring something better than the wedding dress out of it.

2.) Turn it into something completely different: The idea is to change the dress and turn it into something else. Make it anything but the dress, like: throw cushions or something that you might use differently. All you need is to give it a new life from the morbid wedding dress reminding you of wedding’s gloomy details.

It’s all about an idea that can change your life, may be you strike your next business venture while preparing cushions or your far-off friend coming from a state of Nebraska comes up with an extra ordinary idea when you call her over for this dress trashing event.

Since individuals like Miki Agarwal also do exist and continue to inspire us when they come up with something called ‘Thinx’ . So, it’s all about making everything and minute of the day count, be it trashing your most loved possession.

3.) Literally destroy it: If destruction is all you seek then all you need to do is tear it off, burn it or throw everything on it. I mean if destruction brings you comfort then this is possibly the most harmless way.

Don’t forget to make a freedom flag out of the dress to remind you of your liberation from something you weren’t happy about. You can also paint some encouraging quote on the fabric and place it somewhere in your home to remind you of your strength.

4.) Be Good: Last but certainly not the least; your divorce should be a chapter in your life from which you got to learn a lot. So just let go of all the grudges and anger you hold and donate the dress to someone who needs it, with nothing but good will.

The average New Yorker gets rid of 46 pounds of clothing every year. So, your clothing could be discarded for a good cause, just like some of the recycling events organized by Green Market in the New York City.

However, out of all those tons of clothes trashed every year only 0.1 percent of the clothing collected by charities goes into new textile fiber, stated by H&M’s development sustainability manager, Henrik Lampa.

To all the beautiful and strong divorced girls out there, you did your best now it’s time you choose yourself, your life, your kids over anyone or anything. You are amazing!

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