Joel Molina Also Known As NaeSketchie

The famous entrepreneur Joel NaeSketchie is the mogul of music in his own right. Joel NaeSketchie was born and raised in Bronx New-York. NaeSketchie is a Dominican and Turkish with a father and mother who moved from DR to give him and his siblings a better life. Emerging NaeSketchie Entertainment is an uprising Record Label and the undefeated well-known for his most respected Uptown promoting and throwing parties and events in the Nightlife of New York City. He has taken his networking skills to nextest level and ran with it. Joel NaeSketchie’s label journey had begun over a ago when he decided to manage now well-known as the first lady of Sketchie Entertainment Roc National most affiliated Angelica Villa who is also his niece.

Nae is also an aspiring producer and working towards producing the music in future. NaeSketchie uses his success in that field to transition into the world of entrepreneurship.

Running along with successful Record Label Sketchie Entertainment he also owns a Unique Luxury clothing line named Mazco Original. His brand Mazco Original is built to make their customers feel good when they wear it. Mazco Original comes from Joel NewSketchie’s spontaneous desire for his own clothing line brand. As an entrepreneur this comes with being involved in aspects of different business. Nae loves fashion, he only takes about 3 outfits to 1 hour to get dresses, he always wants to be different from others and wants to look fly. His passion, hardwork and determination help him a lot to become a successful entrepreneur. Nae says that in his brand logo of Mazco red represents the fire, blue represents the water equating to life and the yellow one represents the suns this is what Mazco wants to represent. Nae always wanted you to feel good when you are wearing the amazing brand Mazco at affordable rates.  He had witnessed everything growing up so fast but he always talked with God and told him whatever path it is that may he take. NaeSketchie hoped to become the greatest at it he decided to build from ground up and have conquered the entertainment music and fashion industry. Mazco Logo stands for life, he thinks that the beautiful name of the brand is the most important thing. He selling out Mazco at various clothing stores and also in online stores to facilitate the building of MACO into the great brand which he wanted it to be. Nae believes that you have to believe in your brand and onto yourself. Nae believes that you have to believe in your brand and onto yourself. The first mistake you made when doubting yourself and your brand. Just figuring it out if one piece is not perfect or doesn’t work as well then goes for the second piece it’s going to be costly but the investment is worthy and going to be amazing.

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