The Dallas Cowboys will travel to D.C. take on the Washington Redskins Sunday. This will be Dak Prescott’s second career start but this is the one that will have him turn a few heads. Last week against the New York Giants, Prescott attempted 45 passes and completed 25 for 227 yards, but, no touchdowns. In fantasy eyes that’s a failure as he netted only 10.28 FFP, according to

While his FFP were below the average QB, there was a great reason. The Giants secondary played the game of their lives against Dez Bryant as they shut down one of the best receivers in the NFL. But in doing so, it opened the door for other players to contribute. Jason Witten caught nine passes on 14 targets and Cole Beasely caught eight passes on 14 targets.

The Redskins defense will offer no such problems. Last week against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Ben Roethlisberger torched the Redskins defense for 300 yards and three touchdowns on 27/37 passes. WR, Antonio Brown caught almost every ball thrown his way as he and Big Ben put on a show against the Skins secondary. Prescott is not on Ben’s level, talent wise, but, during the Giants game, he showed flashes of what he can do if given time.

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While there may be better options, depending on your roster, Prescott should be a top choice due to the Redskins defensive scheme. Head Coach, Jay Gruden has said he has no plans of side-switching cornerbacks as Bashaud Breeland is his guy on the left. Brown torched Breeland for eight catches for 126 yards and two touchdowns.

What may also help Prescott’s fate will be the same that helped Brown? If RB, Ezekiel Elliott can break through their fist wave of defense and get behind the linebackers it will force the Redskins safeties to play closer to the line thus resulting in one-on-one coverage for Bryant. The Steelers used this approach with DeAngelo Willimas to the tune of 143 yards rushing and two touchdowns. If the Cowboys are smart they will take the same approach the Steelers did and put Bryant on the same side as Breeland. Breeland is not the corner that Josh Norman is and seeing two of the top receivers in the NFL, two straight weeks will have is head spinning.

Prescott is given the green light to air it out and against the Redskins defense, he will do just that. Take away the rookie status and focus on the player that threw the ball 45 times, no turnovers and was smart enough to avoid the sack.

Some of the bigger names are just that, names. But in Fantasy Football, names won’t help you win, production and taking advantage of the right matchup will.

Start Prescott.